The Colbert Report – Stephen Colbert – South Carolina Serious, Classy Debate – NatGeo Wild’s Response

Remember the Start of the Republican War in Iraq? Obama Only Ended It

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Gave Us the War in Iraq

4,500 American Deaths

32,000 Americans Injured


Dylan Ratigan Reviews the Fighting

Dylan Ratigan, American Hero

If you haven’t noticed, your fellow Americans are somewhat pissed about our political situation. No, I take it back — they’re mad as hell. Back in August, I was mad as hell too. I watched in disgust as Washington’s debt ceiling debacle grew from a tremor into an earthquake — one that tore deep fissures in our confidence as a nation to get anything done.

What made it even more frustrating for me, and everyone that I spoke to in late summer of 2011, was that there was little one could do about it but lose your temper. Which of course, I did.

Then, I watched as a funny thing began to happen. Something unexpected, but something so necessary. A summer of simmering frustration turned into a September of action.

People woke up. And then, finally, they began to fight back. [Quote: Huffington Post] READ FULL POST BY CLICKING HERE.

RU Watching the News? Republicans Insist We All Give In to Them. We Have Got to Take Our Country Back from the GOP!






It’s simple:  Either the richest among us contribute a small percentage of their enormous wealth to offset the tax cut extension or 160,000 hard-working Americans will see their taxes rise $1000 in 2012. Republicans, who lost the Presidential election, demand that Democrats surrender to their demand that the TOP 1% will not pay one cent more in taxes,no matter how fair or Christian or American it would be.  They will not negotiate…again!  They are willing to shut the government down again and be the reason for further decreases in our credit rating.  Is nothing sacred to Republicans?  Do they think this is governing as conceived of by the founders of our country?  The TOP 1% live off the fat of the land, inherited money and money made from graft and profits made on betting on the success or failure of others. Not by the sweat of their collective brow.  Do they not appreciate the patriotism of the class of Americans who sweat, labor and volunteer to fight and risk dying for our democratic values? To answer, “Yes,” they would have to sacrifice so little.  Looks like every one of their pennies is crucial to their survival. It’s the rich man’s burden, I guess.  At least there are meetings going on between the competing sides trying to find some last-minute solutions.  The US Government runs out of money at 12:01AM Saturday. Democrats insist that the tax cut extension issue be solved first. Will God bless us, the poor and middle-class?  Remember, God promises to answer prayer!

We all get to vote next year.  If Republicans don’t care about the average man, as they demonstrate, WE MUST NOT RETURN THEIR INCUMBENTS TO THE CONGRESS IN 2012.  The Democratic Party will be offering a slate of true American candidates worthy of your vote.  Vow to not be a couch potato on election day. And, offer to take a senior citizen with you to the polls next time.

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Herman Cain Shocks Barbara Walters with His Dream Job and Then Barbara Gets a Lap Dance from the Hottest Man Alive!

Barbara, Hugh Jackman?  What a thrill, huh?


Daily Show Correspondents Describe Our Two Parties and Then Read about Another Government Shutdown

Irreverent, but, funny as hell!


December 14, 2011

Congressional stalemate sets up Christmastime government shutdown

By Stephen Dinan

Michele Bachmann Runs for President Yet Silent on Black Issues

Yes, Michele. Black people exist in Minnesota and need your help!

Michele Bachmann from Minnesota is running for President.  She never speaks of issues that would benefit blacks and people of color.  She is driven by her obsessive hatred of one black, Barack Obama and seems to speak on TV only of one issue which consumes her: “Repealing Obamacare” even though it is successfully saving lives. She speaks of ‘all her fighting in Washington,’ yet, what has she accomplished? “I brought 40,000 people to Washington.” So what! When she launched her campaign, I Googled “Michele Bachmann’s legislative accomplishments” and received no responses except for a curious story of her hiding in the bushes to do research on gay people. It appeared to me that she rose to national disinterest with her hateful campaign against the LGBT community.  She spoke out against federal welfare programs while she and her fabulous husband, Marcus, were living on the benefits of federal welfare. Her larger family, too! Michele was dubbed a welfare “Queen.”  Michele Bachmann never speaks out about the economic and social inequality in America…and disgraceful racial politics in her state. Yes, there is an article in the news which describes the misery of being black in Minneapolis, Minn.  Michele, what do say about the attached article and the plight of black people you represent? Will you continue to be silent? Will you continue your campaign as “Poor Johnny, One Note?” Black Minnesotans need the services of your office, too. A President Bachmann would be a misery to black Americans and people of color. Also, you decry Obamacare, yet, where is ‘Bachmanncare?’


December 14, 2011

Black Leaders fight over pennies while business deals close all around them: City to foreclose on Heritage Park – is Black Business an Oxymoron in Minneapolis?

By admin   administrator

Newt, “68 Year Old Grandfather”, Would Turn America Beige – Jon Stewart

I love it! “John King (CNN), you do know that ‘hook up’  means to f*ck?”


December 14, 2011

Romney slams Gingrich for flip-flopping on Freddie Mac

By Seth McLaughlin

WHITEHOUSE Drops Threat of Veto to Defense Bill

News from The Hill:

White House drops veto threat of Defense bill
By Jeremy Herb

The White House said Wednesday it will not veto the Defense authorization bill because its updated language would not constrain the Obama administration’s counterterrorism efforts.

A statement released by Press Secretary Jay Carney said the president’s advisors would not recommend a veto, a threat that had been hanging over the Pentagon policy bill the past month.

The administration won changes in conference committee to the bill’s provisions regarding the military detention of terror suspects, including the addition of a line stating that FBI and local law enforcement counterterrorism activities would not be affected by the law.

“As a result of these changes, we have concluded that the language does not challenge or constrain the President’s ability to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists, and protect the American people, and the President’s senior advisors will not recommend a veto,” the statement read.

Read the story here.