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People, We Can’t Let Extremism Win in 2012!

This will be one of the most critical presidential elections in our nation’s history. And we want to know what you think our progressive priorities should be in the 2012 election season.

So please take a moment to take our 2012 Presidential Election Year survey here.

If we are not fully engaged this year, we could actually end up with a far-right Tea Party extremist President who supports:

  • Judges who bend the law to side with corporate special interests over the rights of ordinary Americans
  • Rigging Election Laws to make it harder for minorities and young people to vote
  • Rolling back civil rights
  • Eradicating educational standards
  • Punishing teachers who teach science in the classroom
  • Repealing laws protecting gays’ and lesbians’ rights
  • Eliminating financial regulatory forms
  • Privatizing Social Security, and ending Medicare as we know it
  • Jailing doctors who perform certain medical procedures on women
  • Eliminating the rights of workers to have collective bargaining
  • And a whole lot more proposals that would terrify anyone not part of the extreme Far Right.

In other words, they are out to destroy our nation and democracy as we know and create a “corporatocracy.” Backed by billionaires like the Koch brothers, and big fundraisers like Karl Rove, right-wing candidates this year are beholden to big money and Wall Street more than ever … Which means, if they win, corporations will be running our country—and we will be a “corporatocracy.” What do YOU think the best way is to fight it — Survey’s just a click away right here.

In the last major election, thanks to a conservative Supreme Court decision, wealthy corporations could secretly contribute unlimited amounts of money to influence elections and look what happen. They nearly took over every state in the country and won the House of Representatives.

Imagine what 2012 will be like.If we lose, we will not be living in a democracy, but by a government that is run and controlled by corporations, and their elected puppets on Capitol Hill — a “corporatocracy.”

So please take the survey now.

Our country’s future is hanging in the balance.

Thank you,
Michael Keegan
President, People For the American Way

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Romney’s Bulldog Unable to Explain Why Romney Can’t Connect with the Base. Joe Scarborugh Had to Protect Christie from Mika Brzezinski’s Probing Questions. All Boys Club Rule?

This morning Governor Chris Christie appeared on “MorningJoe” (MSNBC) to

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) Looks Tongue-Tied to Me

promote his candidate for the Republican nomination for president, Mitt Romney. Joe Scarborough noted that ‘he felt good to have another Republican at the table with whom he could connect.’  And, connect he did. Chris and Joe engaged in flirting and deflection of subjects in an attempt to throw Mika Brzezinski (@morningMika) off her mission to have a serious interview relative to candidate Romney.  She asked the usually smooth talker from New Jersey to explain why, at this late date, Mitt Romney finds it difficult to connect with his base. Christie had no answer or would not answer truthfully.  He resorted to flirting with Mika and to talking about himself and the President. It was pathetic!  Fellow Republican, Joe Scarborough had to come to Christie’s rescue to end the embarrassing turn in the segment. “MorningJoe” is known for its probing of serious political issues in the morning.  This morning it was an all boys’ club that would not let Mika be the superb reporter which has brought her acclaim.  Shame on you, @joeNBC.

Undaunted, in the next segment, Mika asked the candidate himself the same question. Romney launched into a recitation of his record as governor, as he sees it. Romney talked about his positions on issues. Aided by Joe Scarborough who took the lead in the conversation, Mitt Romney, himself, did not answer Mika Brzezinski’s serious question: “Why at this late date have you not connected with the base?” Mitt Romney and his campaign have no answer to this telling question!  Brava, Mika!!/GoodOleWoody/status/149108290138292224

RU Watching the News? Republicans Insist We All Give In to Them. We Have Got to Take Our Country Back from the GOP!






It’s simple:  Either the richest among us contribute a small percentage of their enormous wealth to offset the tax cut extension or 160,000 hard-working Americans will see their taxes rise $1000 in 2012. Republicans, who lost the Presidential election, demand that Democrats surrender to their demand that the TOP 1% will not pay one cent more in taxes,no matter how fair or Christian or American it would be.  They will not negotiate…again!  They are willing to shut the government down again and be the reason for further decreases in our credit rating.  Is nothing sacred to Republicans?  Do they think this is governing as conceived of by the founders of our country?  The TOP 1% live off the fat of the land, inherited money and money made from graft and profits made on betting on the success or failure of others. Not by the sweat of their collective brow.  Do they not appreciate the patriotism of the class of Americans who sweat, labor and volunteer to fight and risk dying for our democratic values? To answer, “Yes,” they would have to sacrifice so little.  Looks like every one of their pennies is crucial to their survival. It’s the rich man’s burden, I guess.  At least there are meetings going on between the competing sides trying to find some last-minute solutions.  The US Government runs out of money at 12:01AM Saturday. Democrats insist that the tax cut extension issue be solved first. Will God bless us, the poor and middle-class?  Remember, God promises to answer prayer!

We all get to vote next year.  If Republicans don’t care about the average man, as they demonstrate, WE MUST NOT RETURN THEIR INCUMBENTS TO THE CONGRESS IN 2012.  The Democratic Party will be offering a slate of true American candidates worthy of your vote.  Vow to not be a couch potato on election day. And, offer to take a senior citizen with you to the polls next time.

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