Erin Burnett Asks Tough Question to Jeb Hensarling Who Takes No Responsibility for Failure of Super Committee

A parade of Republicans were on TV today trying to deflect blame onto President Obama for their raising taxes on 160 million Americans on January 1, 2012. In the eleventh hour Republicans have found religion and care about the middle-class, the unemployed, the elderly and the 160 million voters whose taxes will go up $1000 next year.  That last Republican propagandist I saw was Jeb Hensarling who co-chaired the failed Super Committee which could not reduce the deficit by a very small amount.  I believe he also voted “No” on Simpson Bowles.  Although chosen to recite from the script that all republican talking heads used today, when questioned by Erin Burnett (CNN), Hensarling refused to accept any responsibility for the fiscal failures he headed. His response was useless party rhetoric. Typical! Mr. Hensarling, we want our country back from a Congress that no longer serves us!