WILL SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER SURVIVE 2012? (Eric Cantor Waits in the wings))

Speaker of the House John Boehner has made no progress in achieving his independence and power as head of the US House. He is just their talking head.  It is said that behind his office door the real power is Eric Cantor who is the public face of the Tea Party element in the House.  If I heard it correctly on TV, only 60 tea party representatives are the extremists control what Boehner is forced to say and emote in his constant appearances on TV. [John, is this any way to live?] [Eric, are you enjoying being “Iago” to Boehner’s “Othello?”]  The American people are not pleased with either of you.  You receive a failing grade! Thanks to Republicans the public opinion of Congress is at a historic low: 9!  If this was a parliamentary system, you’d be given a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE and be kicked out on your asses!

Your Weapon of Choice

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