Let’s return to drinking our water “straight.” 🙂

During the regrettable mid-term election of 2010 many well-meaning but frustrated American voters turned to the now dangerous Tea Party for solutions. Grover Norquist pounced on Republican victors immediately with his lifetime tax pledge that you have heard much about.  Quickly the promise of the Tea Party was co-opted by “the system” and they lost their way.  Instead of being  force for good, they narrowed their focus on winning all issues no matter the resulting damage to the country and her citizens.  The recent insanity that played out in Washington was controlled by the small group of Tea Party representatives in the House, “The Freshman Class.”  They were not personally in the news (evil loves the darkness and abhors light).  Their public face was Speaker John Boehner who has not lived up to the implications of that huge gavel presented to him as a symbol of his power in office.  Boehner has been a small leader constantly at odds with the Tea Party and their real leader, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA).  We have given them a year to prove themselves worthy and honorable.  TIME IS UP! In the year 2012 all Americans should BAN “TEA” IN OUR GOVERNMENT, OPERATIONS AND NEGOTIATIONS.  When it is time to vote, DO NOT RE-ELECT TEA PARTY CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE…or any new ones that might spring up!

December 22, 2011

Tax-Cut Accord Reveals A Rift Within GOP