Gov. Haley, this is the image of SC you preserve by supporing the Confederate Flag!

South Carolina has a female Republican governor, Nikki Haley, who signed a law that would suppress the voting power of her fellow non-white South Carolinians, has had her law stopped in its tracks by the US Department of Justice which rightly called the law discriminatory and in violation of the Voting Rights Act. 200,00 South Carolinians would have lost their voice in South Carolina thanks to Nikki Haley who enjoys a state issued drivers license which says she is “white.” How’d that happen, Nikki?  You’d return South Carolina to its evil history of Jim Crow.  Do you realize how you, a person of Indian descent would have been regarded in South Carolina’s historical treatment and regard for non-whites?  Wise-up, sister and get yourself straight!  Be a champion of all South Carolinians regardless of color so that your state can hold it head up high in The New South!

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Which car would Niki Haley try to ride?

December 22, 2011

Justice: S.C. voter-ID law discriminatory


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