Day: December 27, 2011

Republicans in the Congress Complain When Their Rules & Regs Also Work for Democrats


MILLER: Obama blows off Congress

President says he won’t abide by spending bill he signed

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...THE 44th PRESIDENT OF THE USA

Look “Inside Newt’s Crash-and-Burn Speakership” and Imagine How Easily Newt Would Burn Down the Whitehouse, the Supreme Court, etc.!

Inside Newt’s Crash-and-Burn Speakership

Gingrich led a conservative revolution in the House—until his own congressional troops turned on him. The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz and Lois Romano have the inside story on why he failed—including an interview with his former spokesman, Tony Blankley, who says it was “tricky” trying to defend the unpredictable speaker. “It was leadership by chaos,” former Rep. Susan Molinari says. “It got to the point where people stopped listening.”

Read it at The Daily Beast
Daily News cover illustrated by Ed Murawinski

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Manu Ginobili Was on Fire! Give this Man a Fathead!

Last night I watched my first game of the season on NBA League Pass (Broadband). I enjoyed watched my favorite basketball player, Manu Ginobili. put on an exciting show for the home audience scoring 24 points. HE WAS ON FIRE! FINAL: San Antonio Spurs: 95 and Memphis Grizzlies: 82.  Manu is earning his own Fathead, game by game, point by point!

Manu Ginobili, Basketball Phenom, Husband, Father and Great Human Being

NBA: San Antonio 95, Memphis 82


“The Top 12 Gay Political Stories Of 2011” – HUFFPOST GAY VOICES

Michelangelo Signorile, Writer and Radio Host...and Gay!



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