Iowa Caucus Led Me to Discover “Firecracker” Personality, Mike Wolfe, Hunky Iowan TV Star of “American Pickers”

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

“I’m Mike Wolfe and I’m Frank Fritz, and we’re pickers. We travel the back roads of America looking for rusty gold. We’re looking for amazing things buried in people’s garages and barns. What most people see as junk, we see as dollar signs. We’ll buy anything we think we can make a buck on. Each item we pick has a history all its own and the people we meet are a breed all their own. We make a living telling the history of America…one piece at a time.” [SOURCE: Wikepedia]

For quite a while now I have been watching the news on TV all day.  This focus on the Republican “circus” in Iowa reaches a climax tomorrow!  I am very happy that somehow this attention to Iowa led me to a very entertaining TV star coming out of Iowa on the TV series, “American Pickers.” This reality series is on the History Channel in HD. This handsome star’s girlfriend says he has a “firecracker” personality. Please read this very interesting article on Mike Wolfe, native Iowan, who co-stars with his childhood friend, Frank Fritz.  I am watching them in a marathon as I write with the History Channel on. These two men are better than Martin and Lewis as these ride their truck around the mid-west looking for their specialty in antiques.  The article is well-written and paints Mike Wolfe as a “nice man” with the personality and looks that should have been recognized by Hollywood a long time ago.  Well, Mike is only 46 and is very virile.  What could be in his future? Even more antique shops? Making antique replicas? MAYBE MOVIES? Leading man?  You may not be into antiques, but, Mike Wolfe’s warmth and charisma will draw you in and entertain you with his enthusiasm for the kind of antiques which turn him on and his ultimate joy of being an “American Picker.”  Men, as well as the ladies and children enjoy this series. Check it out!

Mike Wolfe's Enjoying Life!