Our Struggle

Well, yes, he was the only Democrat running. 🙂 So our long election journey has begun with this one step.  The Republican National Convention will be in Tampa, Florida in August.  The Democratic National Convention will be in Charlotte, North Carolina in September. In November the American people will be persuaded to re-elect Barack Obama, President of the United States!

English: Michelle Obama with daughters at Demo...

Image via Wikipedia - Michele OObama and Dughters at 2008 Convention

  1. Mitt Romney wins 1st place, 25% of the vote winning by 8 votes
  2. Rick Santorum wins 2nd place at 25%
  3. Ron Paul wins 3rd place at 21%

Time to hang up your cleats, Perry, Bachmann and Gingrich!

A nice old lady in Iowa last night said she voted for Romney because of his values.  Lady, Romney doesn’t care about you: He’s a job killer! He cares about the Top 1% of which Romney is a card-carrying member! Obviously, she has not seen this video: