So, this is Nikki Haley’s Tea Party Administration 1

Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina



Of course Nikki and her pal, Mitt Romney of Massachusetts must be discussing the future of South Carolina based on their analysis of how well South Carolina is doing.  I wonder if the people in South Carolina might agree with their assessments and plans.  Will the state lose jobs or gain them?  Will federal paybacks to South Carolina be deemed unnecessary?  How will abolishing the US Dept. of Education affect students in Gov. Haley’s state?  How fast will the elderly in South Carolina start to die off when Mitt (and Nikki) abolish Social Security, as we know it? In 10 days we’ll find out if Gov. Halley’s endorsement of former Gov. Romney was really the kiss of death. Seniors, I’m sure you on what side your bread is buttered. Know what I mean? 🙂

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So, this is Gov. Nikki Haley…Sorry, South Carolina :(

“Will Republicans Cooperate With Obama Like It’s 1996?”


Featured Column: Ron Klain

Will Republicans Come Back Begging — Like In 1996?

“Back in 1995, as in 2011, powerful Republican leaders (including Newt Gingrich, then Speaker of the House) faced a Democratic president who had been weakened by a stinging midterm defeat. They blocked the president’s initiatives, and tried to use their power in Congress to bring him down. By the end of 1995, gridlock had reached a new high with the government shutdown and the failure of budget talks between the White House and Congress. Sound familiar?”  Read More

Does Mitt Romney’s Business Experience Compare to the Job of Being President of the US?

Republicans love to say they are protecting “the job creators.”  With millions of unemployed, why is the Republican Party  not the job engine Speaker John Boehner promised they would be?  Why do the GOP candidates pretend to ignore  that Republican President George W. Bush wrecked our economy leaving it to President Barack Obama to rescue the nation without the help of Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and the Tea Party who claim to have no leaders. [Sorry, Michele.] People who accept their “Do Nothing Congress” deserve what they have in store for us!

Along comes former Gov. MItt Romney of Massachusetts whose main message is ‘I have the business experience needed to solve our problems.’  ‘Look at my record at Bain Capital to see that I am the man for the job.’ GOP voters in two primaries have fallen for Romney’s assertion. Did they even want to vet this aloof elitest?  Well, here is Mitt Romney’s experience in a capsule:

“The claims rely on Romney’s career at Bain, a Boston-based private equity firm that poured investors’ money, and Bain executives’ expertise, into more than 100 companies in the 1980s and ’90s. Some of the companies thrived and expanded. Some took on unsustainable debt and went bankrupt. Some became leaner or were broken into various parts, shedding jobs and improving profits.

In a recent debate, Romney repeated his claim that the Bain-run companies netted a total increase of 100,000 jobs.” [The Post and Courier]

100,000 jobs, Mitt??? Do you call that impressive?  As president you would have to find millions of jobs! Are Republicans in Congress withholding support of the Americans Job act until they can approve it under a hoped-for Republican President? President Obama offerred this bill because the American people are suffering now. It is unethical to make the masses suffer so that the rich and successful can prosper… earning money off of money instead of “working” to create product, provide services, etc.  Real work!  Honorable work! Work that is not monitored by the SEC to keep people honest.

Mitt you (and Gordon Gecko) got rich by holding fire sales.  You can’t run a government that way.  That only works to make the rich man/corporation even richer. It pushes the poor man deeper into the mud under your crushing boot.  Mitt your record and your astonishing facility to lie and keep your distance from the people did not turn off Republican voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.  This is surprising because in New Hampshire they subscribe to “Live Free or Die!” How could they go along with achieving the Whitehouse even if it means losing the last throes of health and hope for the working class, the poor, the middle-class, farmers who suffer jokes about corn, blacks who get painted by one brush of old racist themes, minorities who stand to lose gains made in civil rights and the poor who need help from so-called Christians who actively work to keep others from earning the success of the “TOP 1%”, conveniently leaving Jesus out of the mix.



It is still early. And the next contest is in South Carolina where there are so many evangelical Christians. [Pundits say that’s importan.]  Will these Republicans reject Newt Gingrich’s gambling profit ad money or will they excuse his flip-flopping, lying, inventing expedient truth to accept no responsibility for failure or unwillingness to acknowledge error, e.g., adultery.  Will South Carolinians open their eyes to Romney’s business history in South Carolina?  He cut jobs there before for personal gain.  Why would he create jobs there in the future? Did you see/hear Romney said that he can’t be concerned about how what says relates to his audience? He feels it is his job to let us revel in stories of his experience even though they are fantasy for most Americans. Boldly, Rick Santorum talks of controlling all aspects of our lives with respect to his personal agenda.

Who says that there must be a Republican candidate this go-round. Maybe the Republican Party should bow out until they have a candidate who is qualified to do the job, not just win an election.  George W. Bush won the election but mired us in the debt of not one, but, two wars for 10 years, and an unfunded drug program. “W” thought that individual healthcare savings accounts were an excellent idea.  And, then, the stock market crashed!  Every Republican idea is based on improving profits for corporations, the rich, the “TOP 1%” while giving lip-service to the interest of small business to distract from their true motives.  This is what the Republican crop of candidates has to offer. And, I read that you South Carolinians are sorely disappointed with having elected Tea Supporter, Nikki Haley, as your governor.

South Carolina, put some good paragraphs about your state in the history books.  Supporting Republicans has not made South Carolina great.  Your “king-maker status” is just a moniker the Party uses to advance it’s more important goals.  Stop being a chump state!  Don’t you want good jobs for everyone, good schools that produce students who score at the top, a healthy, hearty and diverse economy that serves all South Carolinians? Or do you want to follow pals, Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley? The ballot will soon be in your hands…to use for good…or bad. 😦

Mitt Romney - Caricature

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“We get the government we deserve” – Bob Ryan, Guest columnist, Tampa Bay Times



“If I Was a Poor Black Kid…”

We witness GOP governors cutting education from their budgets and GOP candidates for president promising to abolish the Department of Education, low test scores in our schools, GOP unwillingness to upgrade our school infrastructure, etc.  Thanks to Sam Seder for this thought-provoking video in which he analyses an article he read in Forbes Magazine: “If I Was a Poor Black Kid…”:

‘If I Were a Poor Black Kid’ column is just plain stupid

By Mychal Denzel Smith

7:56 AM on 12/14/2011