What Message Will Gov. Nikki Haley and Her So-Called “Conservative Evangelical” Power Structure Send to Decent American Voters?

One thing that all Americans know about South Carolina is that rather than give up treating African slaves, their black human brothers, as property, like their horses and cattle, whites in South Carolina seceded from The United States of America starting the “War Between the States” which led to “Jim Crow” and sentiments which live in their hearts today.  Led by their unpopular non-caucasian governor, Nikki Haley, they consist of self-professed “evangelical Christians” yet they oppress and resent blacks and Latinos in the state.  Gov. Haley ignored the harm caused by Bain Capital in South Carolina and endorsed former Gov. Mitt Romney for President.  Wassup with that? By her conduct as governor, Haley and her “conservative, evangelical Christians” want Dixie restored and people of color returned to their forced labor status in days of yore. Mel Brooks made fun of southern racism in “Blazing Saddles,” but a lot of truth can be said in jest by some cold-hearted South Carolinians. You’ll watch this and see the humor after blacks are no longer called “nigga” to their faces.  But the fear lives on.  Many young people of color cannot imagine what is was like to live on salt port and molasses and pick cotton all day…and have no rights:

Days before the primary, Romney is dressing like the common man and espousing an understanding of and concern for our real world pain.  This has prompted the claim that Mitt Romney will say or do anything to win! What message will the South Carolina Primary send to voters nationwide?  Will South Carolina lead America back to Jesus’ message of love? Or, will they continue to support the interests of Big Money which helps other states thrive and keeps South Carolina at the bottom of the heap?

English: South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina

Primary in South Carolina 6 Days Away, Yet Romney Is at Work in Florida!

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Williard Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, Infamous Job Cutter from Bain Capital


January 14, 2012

Ads by Romney’s allies strike at Santorum, Gingrich

By Adam C. Smith, Times Political Editor

Can Newt Gingrich say, “I am on a mission from God”? (Blues Brothers)

What Really Fuels Newt Gingrich? Did Romney Steal His Manhood? (In his mind, of course)

Americans, As You Watch Evil Pervade Our Politics, Remember the Reward for Those Who Trust in the Lord

Faithful Daniel in the Lions’ Den

Where I live I don’t video and sound of the ugliness that media says goes  on in politics in states like South Carolina.  As I worshiped God this morning, He gave the idea for this Sunday’s post:  When we are in situations where we cannot control the chaos around us, we can control OUR RESPONSE.  Political candidates can no longer be trusted to tell us the truth, their motives are suspect, they are comfortable saying anything to secure the people’s vote and then violating their trust by serving the powerful forces in America who have accumulated wealth which unleashes political power which ensures the continuance of an infrastructure built on the root of all evil: money!  Their success was foretold in the BibleChrist warned to look for the signs of His Second Coming.  Our media is full of these signs, if only we would see them.  When evil politicians conspired to have Daniel thrown into the lions’ den because he loved and trusted in God, Daniel’s prayers and faithfulness were rewarded with an angel from God who shut the mouths of the lions and saved Daniel’s life.  Daniel could not control his situation, but, he could control his response: He continued to rely on the promises of God. Lord, in Election Year 2012, we Christians who put our trust in You and not SuperPacs (big money), pray to You for the salvation of our country. PROTECT US FROM OUR POLITICIANS! Help the people reclaim their country and restore the middle-class.  Inspire the masses to return to church and worship God, Jehovah.

The inspiration for today’s post is Psalm 91:1  A Christian 911!

"The Second Coming of Christ window at St. Matthews Luthern Church in Charleston, SC