American Voter: Does This Title Mean Anything to You: “Breach of Trust”? (Tom A. Coburn, MD)

We Trust a Candidate and Give Him/Her Our Vote. When They Get to Washington, They Breach Our Trust

While I have not read this book, the title says it all.  This year’s election is first spawn of Citizens United, the US Supreme Court and the Republican Party.  For the first time we will see how big money (SuperPacs) will pollute our government and political system without shame or jeopardy. That is because the prime movers operate in darkness, secrecy.  They are answerable to no one.  They give their names to no one. No financial reports are ever generated. [I wonder, what is the rate of return for “investing” in a SuperPac and how does the payoff work?]  Newt Gingrich was too broke to wage “Gingrich-style war” in Iowa and New Hampshire. But one billionaire in Las Vegas decides to give Newt’s SuperPac millions of dollars and Newt Gingrich’s  private agenda was given new life to serve Newt…and not the country. Oh, he may wrap himself in the cloak of Ronald Reagan and “the party,” but, read this article which explores the idea that “it’s all about Newt Gingrich”:


January 15, 2012

CURL: Goodbye Newt, and good riddance

By Joseph Curl



Newt Gingrich - Casually pepper-spraying cop (...

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr - NEWT AS CASUAL PEPPER-SPRAYING COP (Lobbyist)