My Fellow Americans,. Behold the Poster Boy for the “TOP 1%”

Mitt Romney told Andrea Mitchell that there was nothing wrong with his taxes and he might release them in April, if memory serves. America asked, “What is Mitt Romney hiding?” That’s human nature.  But, yesterday, Mitt Romney started preparing us for when Pandora’s Box is fully opened: He admitted that his tax rate is somewhere around “15%” because his income was not primarily “earned”. People, Mitt Romney makes his money off his money. Hey, that old saying must be true: “You’ve got to have money to make money.”  Seekers of the truth are salivating to begin exploring the myriad of investment deals which continue rolling money into the coffers of Willard Mitt Romney.  The “TOP 1%” (whose wealth exceeds that of the 99% of America who suffer under their whims) now has a public face, a poster boy for the lost of America’s natal values and the dominance of the acquisition, accumulation and protection of money.  The doors to the “quiet room” have been flung back and now we know the enemy whose income has grown near 300% over recent decades and yet they deny jobs to 14 million tax paying Americans!  “Mitt and Friends” already have so much power over us.  Will South Carolina lead the race to crown him “King?” How about it, Florida, et als?

One thought on “My Fellow Americans,. Behold the Poster Boy for the “TOP 1%”

  1. love the entry … We need to push for full disclosure …and tax records from … 1980 – Present

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