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South Carolina Voters, Watch “Nightline” (ABC) at 11:35PM to See Why Newt Gingrich Is Not Qualified to Be US President

Newt Gingrich from Georgia is a "False Prophet" Who Hides His Own Deviancy and Throws Stones at Gays

Newt Lacks Moral Character to Be President, Ex-Wife Says

Newt gingrich,family values and adultry

Newt and Callista (Now Mrs. Ginrich) Wanted an "Open Marriage" with Newt's Ex-Wife, Marianne


I DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT CHARLESTON, SC. THESE LAST TWO GOP DEBATES THERE REVEAL IT TO BE A BEAUTIFUL CITY THAT IS A NEST OF RACISTS THAT APPLAUD WHAT ONE GINGRICH SUPPORTER SAID: “I AM SO GLAD YOU PUT JUAN WILLIAMS IN HIS PLACE. [Williams is black.] Tonight’s audience approve of the lie that President Obama is not creating jobs.  I wonder what they would have said, if moderator, John King had had the balls to ask them how can the President create more jobs and faster when all Republicans actively oppose the American Jobs Act which the Congressional Budget Office has approved as a job creator.  The watchword in GOP South Carolina is stir up hate, ignore those who pretend to be Christians yet live like like pagans not knowing that being “evangelical” means “pertaining to the first four gospels in The Bible.”

Newt and Callista (Now Mrs. Ginrich) Wanted an "Open Marriage" with Newt's Ex-Wife, Marianne

How can South Carolina condone arrogance so shocking of a manliving with a woman as her husband under the “sacrament of marriage” for six years and having an affair, then ask her to live in sin in an open marriage? Note: John King asked Newt, “Did you ask your wife for an open marriage?” Newt never answered “Yes” or “No.” [Later Newt said the charge was “false.”] He used his skills to avoid the question by attacking CNN for including morals as a consideration for president. Newt, we have always considered a candidate’s moral lapses and willingness to hide their real selves  from the people. You know that because while you worked to impeach a Democratic President for SEXUAL ISSUES while you were cheating on Marianne with Callista. How can you refuse to be honest and admit to being a hypocrite? The real Newt Gingrich is the false prophet who thinks he has the standing to preach to the rest of us on values that he (Newt) only gives lip service to. The smiling faces in that Charleston audience tonight showed joyful approval of Newt Gingrich. Has South Carolina turned away from God? I recall what God did to cities (states?) in The Old Testament who turned their backs on Him. Repent South Carolina and ask God to forgive your sins.

“Newt Gingrich wrongly said Marriage has been a Sacrament for 3000 years”

English: Former U.S. Representative and Speake...Newt Gingrich

Are you one of those Americans who believe what someone tells you if they sound “smart,” like your favorite teacher, professor, minister or someone who uses “big words” which sound impressive but you don’t really understand?  For thirty years Newt Gingrich has fooled us into thinking that what he says is based on actual facts and fact-checking, simply because of the way he enlarges upon his “smartness” because of his wordsmith skills.  I never believe people who are arrogant to talk down to people and who get indignant when anyone dares to challenge them with questions like, “Where do you get your facts from?” “How do you know this?”  Newt Gingrich thinks people like the sound of his voice as much as he does.  In his haste to defend heterosexual marriage, Newt made a “factual statement” which the following video proves is false. Watch and wonder what other statements from Newt Gingrich should be re-examined for truth and accuracy.

I don’t think that a Newt nominee would be a good idea.  Newt served our country for 30 years. Shouldn’t that be enough for any normal man?  Those who have Newt’s ear should gently suggest he retire from public life and enjoy his golden years with his third wife.  God bless!

South Carolina Voters, Watch “Nightline” (ABC) at 11:15PM to See Why Newt Gingrich Is Not Qualified to Be US President

Newt Gingrich from Georgia is a "False Prophet" Who Hides His Own Deviancy and Throws Stones at Gays

Newt Lacks Moral Character to Be President, Ex-Wife Says

Newt gingrich,family values and adultry


“Newt Gingrich, the spiritual leader of the GOP is exposed as a fraud by his second wife, Marianne” By John Amato

People, we must fight every attempt by big business to influence The Congress to censor the Internet.  Were it not for the Internet, I would not have learned today what evangelical Christians, conservative Republicans, the media and many ordinary Americans have known for years.  Newt Gingrich, is an self-admitted sinner who says that God has forgiven him. But, forgiveness of sin does not change fundamental character. Newt Gingrich, a lowly sinner, thinks that his personal lack of character does not matter if he speaks about values, character issues and religious beliefs of others. He says, ‘Do as I say. Not as I do.” Newt, God knows you. He knows that while you talk on and on about “family values”, you asked your wife live in sin with you in an “open marriage!”  This is a shocking revelation for someone you preach to everyday on the TV. You are a sinner, a liar, a cheat, a serial adulterer who thinks that God approves of your saying that only Republicans have the right to make political decisions for this country. Newt, the same rules you want to apply to those who, mercifully, are NOT Newt Gingrich, do apply to you. God loves Democrats equally and “factually,” to use your favorite words. You will remember in The Bible, Christ forgave a sinner and sent him away saying, “Go, and, sin no more.”

Sadly, Newt has blinders which keep him from seeing the continued life of sin he leads. When asked on TV if he is a hypocrite, Newt pauses, examines his words and deeds, and, then announces that he sees no wrong. And, this happened on a FoxNews show! He is a smart man in need of a spiritual adviser who can penetrate his intellectual defenses and help him to be completely honest in his relationship with God, not forgetting that our God is all-knowing.  Newt, the evangelical Christians in South Carolina may validate you with their vote, but don’t lose your soul!  Most Christians, Newt, trust in the validation of their Saviour and not your confused system of questionable values, duplicity, arrogance instead of humility, compassion for your brother Christians instead of economic oppression, love for all instead of racism.

Who knows if Newt Gingrich’s second wife will finally drop the bomb that will end his political career tonight. But, you don’t have to wait for the interview on ABC News tonight. Click here to watch a revealing video with Newt and read a previous interview Newt’s second wife, Marianne, gave about her marriage to Newt who wants to define morality for people he calls “secular Nazis” while personally being worse than that. For all we know now, in private Newt might be Caligula! The whole world is under attack from Satan.  Even the church.  Before He left us to prepare for His Second Coming, Jesus warned us, “Beware of false prophets!” I end this post, Newt, by saying one word: REPENT!

Daily News cover illustrated by Ed Murawinski

South Carolina, 30 Years of Possible Satanic Chaos under Newt Gingrich Is Enough! Lift Your Eyes to Heaven!

Mitt Romney Quote Shows Why He Should Not Get Votes from the Poor and the Middle-Class


“If you think that I should spend my entire campaign carefully choosing how everything I say relates to people, as opposed to saying my own experience and telling my own experience, that would make me a very different person than I am,” he said. “I’m going to tell people my own experiences in life, and I realize they’re not the same as everybody else.”  But, Mitt, you are applying for becoming President of a country of primarily poor people, many without jobs, young people with poor schools getting their education budgets cut, people who cannot afford healthcare, people who are having problems with housing, buying groceries, caring for our elderly, etc. IF WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY DOES NOT RELATE TO US, why should we invest our time in listening to you tell us “your experience?”  We know all we need to know about you rich people from the movies and TV!  We use “your experience” to escape our miserable existence, not improve our lives!  We are looking for a President who will tell us how his mission in life is to improve the human condition in America for the majority of the people, not the “TOP 1%,” who are doing very well.  From you own words, we don’t need a Mitt Romney!


Just as I was ending this article, I found a post on Huffington Post where Mitt Romney completely contradicts himself saying how much he cares about us and wants to help.  Did he take a university course on lying with a straight face and without remorse— felt inwardly or outwardly?


Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas Has Scheduled a Press Conference for 11:00AM (Will Texas Be the Lucky Winner?)

Rick, did you enjoy your "15 minutes?"

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