“Newt Gingrich wrongly said Marriage has been a Sacrament for 3000 years”

English: Former U.S. Representative and Speake...Newt Gingrich

Are you one of those Americans who believe what someone tells you if they sound “smart,” like your favorite teacher, professor, minister or someone who uses “big words” which sound impressive but you don’t really understand?  For thirty years Newt Gingrich has fooled us into thinking that what he says is based on actual facts and fact-checking, simply because of the way he enlarges upon his “smartness” because of his wordsmith skills.  I never believe people who are arrogant to talk down to people and who get indignant when anyone dares to challenge them with questions like, “Where do you get your facts from?” “How do you know this?”  Newt Gingrich thinks people like the sound of his voice as much as he does.  In his haste to defend heterosexual marriage, Newt made a “factual statement” which the following video proves is false. Watch and wonder what other statements from Newt Gingrich should be re-examined for truth and accuracy.

I don’t think that a Newt nominee would be a good idea.  Newt served our country for 30 years. Shouldn’t that be enough for any normal man?  Those who have Newt’s ear should gently suggest he retire from public life and enjoy his golden years with his third wife.  God bless!