Barack Obama Knows the Lord and Will Restore America from the Ravages of Greed!

Adolf Hitler visits Paris with architect Alber...

Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer

Lord, Bless Barack Obama with a Second Term to Restore the Middle-Class and Seize Our Country Back from “Top 1%” Who Put Their Faith in Accumulative Wealth and Not Collective, Christian Brotherhood.  Reward Our Constant Faith by Inspiring All Decent Members of Our Society to Pull Together for a Holy Cause Like We Did When You Guided Us In Saving the World from the Incarnation of Evil, Adolf HitlerHeavenly Father, we, the Vulnerable in America, Need Your Strength and Protection As We Fight the Forces of Evil that Are Destroying Us from Within! Give Us, Our Warrior President and Your Faithful Servant, Barack Obama,a Blessed Victory in November 2012!

Which Mitt Romney Will Emerge from the Limo Today?

I am successful. Reward me with the Presidency!

“Stop the Hypocrisy” – Nancy Giles

“Rick Santorum gets glitter bombed”

“Rick Santorum is a LYING HYPOCRATE who BREAKS HIS PROMISES! Behold – his betrayal…”

It has made me ill watching the candidates succeed with their repetition of lies about each other, their records, motives and particularly how they refuse to answer the good and revealing questions with resorting to distractions, expressions of hate and indignation, shifting the blame and blatantly being ludicrous… all with the approval and applause of “the base.” I recall the eerie feeling I got when I first saw the movie, “The Exorcist:” I felt that I was in the presence of the Devil and was witnessing the destructive power of evil!”  God protect us from politicians who do not serve the people! Only Divine Intervention can untangle what the love of money has done to America. Global communications let the world see what America is all about today. For decades they have taken our foreign aid and disaster aid, but they don’t love us.  They see our news reports at the same time we see them.  They hear us champion the values of democracy and the see what democracy means to the working of our government.  Those who run our country are the rich who worship money…just like the dictators and murderers who run their countries. They hear Rick Santorum talk about instituting religious oppression if elected President. He does not talk about being a President who would emulate Jesus in his approach to the job.  Instead, Rick Santorum would be a dictator (fascist?) in saintly clothing covering his cold heart.  That famous sweater vest is magical!

If you didn’t get a chance to see “Meet the Press” this morning, see the repeat broadcast at 2:00PM EST. Host, David Gregory asked Ex-Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, a question which should have produced a substantive answer. I can’t remember David’s exact words, but, he said Mr. Gingrich, you have many grand ideas and have created a lot of drama. But, “Where is the beef?”  Gingrich could not answer and David Gregory did not “press” him so that his audience could see that if among his brilliant ideas, there is “one that could blow up the world!” David, you followed John King with another lost opportunity to expose how low politicians have descended on the scale of human decency!  We cannot have the media be bullied into not “pressing” Newt Gingrich to answer the hard questions.  He must be answerable to people just like all candidates for public office. Newt’s “trash behavior” (his words) must be called out. He has public record has given Newt no special immunity from public inspection.  His claim to fame is, ‘I was there when Reagan did this and did that.’ Listen to him carefully. He refers to all the “talking” he has done to solve problems. However, he can point to no actual accomplishments.  According to former Congressman, Joe Scarborough, who was there when they threw Newt out of Congress for more “trashy behavior,” said,  “Newt is not even a conservative!” Newt walks around in public like he is a saint. He is not in touch with the reality of his notorious, chaotic and devisive political history. Is the media afraid of Newt Gingrich because he is certifiable? Should Newt meltdown on the air, you can always switch to the alternate video your producer always has keyed up.  When bullied, stay professional, but, bully back. Bullies have no power except what we give them. CALL NEWT OUT IF HE DOES NOT SHOW ALL 50 STATES THE SAME HARD, SUPERIOR AND RACIST PERSONA HE HAS SHOWN SO FAR. Seeing the success of Newt’s bullying, expect Rick Santorum to come after you next.  Last night some decent “occupy” protestors showed one non-violent way the people can call out politicians who are bigots (and worse) and practice the darker arts of politics. Watch this video:

It’s the 21st Century. We don’t say, “Death to all tyrants,” any more. But, tons of glitter, properly applied, could help us “Get our country back!”

Can You Cook Tax Returns? Mitt Romney Admits(sic) That He Can’t Measure Up to Dad’s Release of 12 Tax Returns…not 2 Like Mitt Announced

In his last speech in South Carolina last night, Mitt Romney says his campaign will be about “success.” Financial success. It sounds like he wants the country to celebrate his personal success at making money and that of his friends, the “TOP 1%.  What a laudable goal.  How American! Mitt, it is great that you are worth a quarter of a billion dollars without inheritance.  Why do you need so much validation?  In the old days you rich could go into your strong room and physically count (caress) your gold pieces and receive exquisite satisfaction. The rich Americans who are beloved in our political history are the ones who had a sincere desire or mission to give back. You, Mitt Romney are rumored to “cheap.” You want to hold onto every penny you’ve earned and help the practitioners of “I got mine. Go get your own!” preserve the most important thing in their lives: MONEY! I don’t hear you talking about lifting up all Americans, just the rich.  I am 66 years old. All my life I have heard that the Republican Party is for the rich and the Democratic Party is for the people. Don’t you see, Gov. Romney, that you and what you say, make this characterization more true than ever?

Mitt, we can’t see you enjoying this public service.

Once Republicans  said that your wealth would trickle down to us, the poor, and our fortunes would be lifted.  That did not happen. Somehow, you have maneuvered a 300% increase in your income with no concern for overall prosperity of the nation. How can you, the “TOP 1%” look into your golden mirrors and see yourselves as noble? How can y’all call yourselves “Christian” when you are not living as Christ would. (That is the definition.) Christ threw those who profit off of money out of the Temple!

Governors George and Mitt Romney, Father and Son

As you fight to become President, you have mishandled the issue of the public’s desire to see your tax returns.  Your responses have been flip and sadly evasive: hardly presidential. Your father, Gov. George Romney started the tradition of releasing tax returns. He set the bar by releasing 12 tax returns. Last night after being defeated in South Carolina, you relented and said you will release 2 years of returns…by Tuesday, I believe. By doing so, I feel you admit that you cannot measure up to the example set by your father. I can only surmise that somewhere hidden in your last 12 tax returns is a bombshell that if known by your party, would force you to suspend your campaign like the other losers did.