100+ Occupy Wallstreet Protesters Arrested! 2




  1. No one that I have spoken to at any of the occupy movements I have been to (in NY, LA & Oakland) have ever asked for a handout from the government. These are simply false assumptions being made. I think you see the movement as a left aligned movement and therefore believe that every far left agenda is automatically a part of the movement. This is not the case.
    Furthermore, the vast majority of us do not believe that wealthy INDIVIDUALS are inherently bad (with the exception of the few wall street crooks who led us into this financial meltdown). Rather, it is the collective purchasing power of the few mega rich/corporations that are bad. The role they play in shaping policy in government through lobbying and unlimited/ undisclosed donations to campaign funding is bad.
    As far as taxation, most are not angry that “Joe self-made millionaire” found his fortune. We believe that GE should not be able to make record profit and not pay a dime in taxes. People that accumulate their wealth through capital gains should be subject to the same taxes as the rest of us. NOT more taxes. the SAME taxes.
    Finally, it is not our goal to come up with one demand to unite under simply because the problems that plague our nation are many. There is no silver bullet that will cure all. The problems are systemic and in order for us to devise fundamental change, discussion and collaboration must be had on a national scale. Not discussion between political ideologues in washington, but between citizen who, I believe, unanimously agree that our system is broken. Yes, we each possess different opinions on how to go about fixing things and it is precisely this reason that open and candid communication between citizens is essential for change. Ideas and solutions spring forth through creative collaboration.

    Don’t you see. Our proposal has been to promote dialogue between all, and in that respect we have been successful since day one. Please. Open your mind to new ideas. I’m not saying you should agree. I simply encourage to have conversation as to why YOU believe the things that YOU do, rather than cut down and attempt to discredit the things that WE believe. There is nothing constructive about that.

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