Mitt Romney (and Newt Gingrich) Have No Connection with What It Means to Scrape to Make a Living in South Carolina

For some reason, South Carolinians have hitched their wagon the star, the Republican Party. Why? What have Republican leaders done for them lately? Yes, there are several military installations in the state which is an important part of the state’s economy. But, Newt, it is “factual” that South Carolina has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation!  Most South Carolinians are NOT in that elite club, the “TOP 1%.”  Why are they following wolves who would devour them if they did not go along with the economic and political decisions made “in quiet rooms” over the state that prefer and preserve yesteryear or status quo instead of lifting all aspects of life in South Carolina ensuring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all?  Happiness is prosperity. DIVERSITY IS A GLORIOUS RESOURCE!

The average income in South Carolina is $35,000.  When first Newt Gingrich and then Mitt Romney, insulted hard-working South Carolinians by displaying their arrogance and boasting how much money they make for giving a speech, for standing on a stage and giving their personal opinions on this and that.  Do you know how much money they said they make for 1 speech? Look!


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THESE ARE BIG CHECKS TO THE COMMON MAN WHO NEVER MAKES $10,000 BETS TO PROVE A POINT IN A POLITICAL ARGUMENT. These sums are not pocket money to YOU or ME!  It was offensive for these rich men, who don’t really work, to wave their easily gotten gains in our collective faces.  Look up the word arrogance in the dictionary and you will find the names Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.


Stephen Colbert Super PAC Ad Attacks Stephen Colbert – Samuel L. Jackson Voiceover



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Newt Gingrich, who does not have really big money, said yesterday, “People power is greater than big money.” He thinks we are too stupid to remember that his campaign would dead-in-the-water without the favor AND $5 MILLION DOLLARS of Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas casino owner, who has injected the power of his money into South Carolina politics. Thanks to Citizens United, one out-of-state billionaire has distorted the GOP Primary in South Carolina.  Because it benefits his personal agenda of revenge and restoring/feeding his ego, Newt has determined that this is a good thing. Newt perfect patient who can compartmentalize on the fly. Each compartment of his conscious can believe in its own truth and sense of morals. “The people” has dropped from his rhetoric after receiving the big check.  Newt Gingrich calls the people of South Carolina (the Republicans, at least), his people. He hopes that because he hails from sister-state, Georgia, voters will not examine his stormy 30 years in politics before considering togive him their vote.  I wonder if the good people of that state see the real Newt through their blinders and prejudices and can compartmentalize as well as Newt Gingrich can. Are they birds of a feather, literally? Newt’s former colleagues characterize his management style as ‘operating through chaos.’  Our last Republican president, George W. Bush, gave us so much chaos that his successor is still sorting out our country.  Every southerner knows, “You don’t change horses in mid-stream.” Southerners put their faith in Bush, who is never mentioned in this campaign. They voted for “fish” and got “fowl” after the win. Why should they think that any of the actively campaigning GOP candidates would be better for the country than the dismal record of George W. Bush?. SOUTH CAROLINA, YOU HAVE ONLY ONE CHOICE: VOTE FOR HERMAN CAIN ON SATURDAY!

Romney “Undisciplined” ad 2012

Whitehouse Calls Newt Gingrich’s Food Stamp Talk “Crazy!”


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Carney: Gingrich Food Stamp Claim ‘Crazy’

White House press secretary Jay Carney dismisses Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s labeling of President Barack Obama as the “food stamp president” as “crazy.”

The fact that the number of people on food stamps is at a record level is partly because eligibility rules were relaxed under President George W. Bush’s administration, Carney told CBS News on Tuesday. Carney also blamed the economic downturn that began under Bush.

Gingrich has made the comment several times during the campaign, and the issue propelled a duel between the former House speaker and Fox News contributor Juan Williams during Fox’s Republican presidential debate Monday night.

During that heated exchange, the audience booed Williams when he insisted that Gingrich’s use of the label “sounds as if you are seeking to belittle people.”

Gingrich replied, to audience cheers and applause: “First of all, Juan, the fact is that more people have been put on food stamps under Barack Obama than any other president in history.”

In reaction on Tuesday, Carney told CBS chief White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell, “It was the result of the worst recession since the Great Depression, that was brought on by economic policies that certainly predate this president.”

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Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) Returns from Golf Vacation and Asks Obama, “Where are the jobs?” Jobs Begin at Home Mr. Speaker 1

John Boehner, Where are the Jobs?”

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Ohio residents rally outside the office of US House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, holding the speaker accountable for high unemployment and lost jobs in his district.

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Speaker on the Greens

Tuesday, Speaker John Boehner returned from a luxurious golf vacation.  He began the new year with old rhetoric by asking President Obama, “Where are the jobs?” Mr. Speaker you hid from the people in your district back in Ohio, when they asked you the same question?  When you assumed your role as Speaker of the US House, you promised the American people: “The mission of Republicans will be Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”  Remember?  Had we known how you ducked the issue on a state level, we would have known that you were just bullsh*tting the nation. Your beloved tax cheats who you call the “job creators,” have created no jobs! Yet, having no ideas for bi-partisan job creation, you repeat the old lies…over and over.  You’re fully rested now. Have you nothing new. fresh and helpful to offer as a top Republican leader?

Voter Rights: This Cartoon Post Is Dedicated to SC Gov. Nikki Haley. (Nikki, you know why)

This is the Nature of Nikki Haley's South Carolina

Why Do Elections Bring Out the Ugliness of Racial Politics in South Carolina?

Flying the Confederate Flag at The SC State House Keeps Racial Hatred Alive in SC

Today, Sarah Palin said if she could, she would vote for Newt Gingrich and extend the GOP campaign. Mrs. Palin, does this mean you approve of divisive racial politics being used by big business (SuperPacs) to distract from real Americans who are suffering today…like the minorities in South Carolina?  Do you support the aims and objectives of the “TOP 1%”?  Say, how much money did they invest in your political agenda?

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Former Gov. Sarah Palin

“Robert Reich on How to Reverse Citizens United”

Citizens United Carpet Bombing Democracy - Cartoon


Common Cause - Holding Power Accountable

Dear GoodOleWoody:

Robert Reich, the chairman of our board and former Secretary of Labor, is fond of saying that the Citizens United decision created a perfect storm of money, politics and secrecy that threatens our very democracy.

He’s right about the problem — and in a new video out just today, he makes the case for how “we, the people” should respond: by demanding a constitutional amendment.

Watch now and take action at!

Robert Reich Calls for a Constitutional Amendment - Watch at

This week marks the second anniversary of the reckless Citizens United decision that overturned decades of law and granted corporations the same rights as people when it comes to political spending.

Today it’s clear that the wealthy corporations and billionaires that destroyed our economy and caused millions of us to lose our jobs and homes have now set their sights on a hostile takeover of our elections and our government. They are spending millions of dollars to elect and defeat candidates, and all that secret money could drown out the voices of voters like you and me.

We can’t allow that to happen.

That’s why Common Cause is launching the Amend2012 campaign. We’re embarking on a 50-state drive to give voters a voice to push back on corporate political spending, and build toward national referenda calling on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United.

Please take a moment to watch the new video, and then join Robert Reich in signing the petition at

Thanks for all you do,

Bob Edgar
and the rest of the team at Common Cause

P.S. This is a people-powered campaign, and we need your help to spread the word. Please forward this message to 3 or more people (real people, not incorporated or limited liability “people”) and ask them to sign the Amend2012 petition.

And if you want to read more about our campaign, check out this piece on Huffington Post: “Hate Citizens United? Common Cause Has A Way To Say So In 2012″.




SuperPacs Are Good for Politics, Voters and Exemplify Honest Government. Wink! Wink! 1

Colbert Super PAC – Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert

As a citizen addressing the general public, Stephen calls on the Colbert Super PAC not to run vicious character assassinations ads that can be traced back to him.

I wonder how “evangelical conservative Christians” justify SuperPacs and the first four Gospels of The Bible?  Perhaps South Carolina will answer that question at their Republican Primary Saturday? “Yes” to gambling money affecting politics…or “No?” The end justifies the means? Saying or doing anything to win is noble(?)

Stephen Colbert as the fictional Stephen Colbert

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Mitt Romney Quote Shows Why He Should Not Get Votes from the Poor and the Middle-Class


“If you think that I should spend my entire campaign carefully choosing how everything I say relates to people, as opposed to saying my own experience and telling my own experience, that would make me a very different person than I am,” he said. “I’m going to tell people my own experiences in life, and I realize they’re not the same as everybody else.”  But, Mitt, you are applying for becoming President of a country of primarily poor people, many without jobs, young people with poor schools getting their education budgets cut, people who cannot afford healthcare, people who are having problems with housing, buying groceries, caring for our elderly, etc. IF WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY DOES NOT RELATE TO US, why should we invest our time in listening to you tell us “your experience?”  We know all we need to know about you rich people from the movies and TV!  We use “your experience” to escape our miserable existence, not improve our lives!  We are looking for a President who will tell us how his mission in life is to improve the human condition in America for the majority of the people, not the “TOP 1%,” who are doing very well.  From you own words, we don’t need a Mitt Romney!


Just as I was ending this article, I found a post on Huffington Post where Mitt Romney completely contradicts himself saying how much he cares about us and wants to help.  Did he take a university course on lying with a straight face and without remorse— felt inwardly or outwardly?


As We Wait for Herman Cain’s Big Announcement this Week, We Dedicate this Image to Him and Those Who Support Him

Herman, see?  We blacks who vote Democratic, are not the fools you think us to be!

Will Congress Be Like China and Censor PART of the World Wide Web? Why Take Away Our Full Enjoyment of Digital Communication?

I received this email and had to share it with you:
Stop Censorship Today, Mozilla is joining the virtual strike against Internet censorship – along with others like Wikipedia and Google – to raise awareness of US Congress legislation that could fundamentally alter the Internet we know and love.

This harmful legislation, called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate, will be voted on as early as January 24th in the Senate.

If you live in the US, there’s still time to help stop these bills from becoming law. Please visit for information on the bill, and on ways you can reach out to your senators.

What makes this legislation so bad? Here’s how it would change the Web:

  • Communication platforms – from YouTube to Facebook to Amazon – could be shut down if a single rights holder alleges a violation.
  • It would make the Web less stable and less secure.
  • Social networking sites, like Twitter or Facebook, could be forced to track and control user behavior, stunting innovation and undermining free expression.
  • Your Internet provider could be required to inspect all of your traffic and browsing.

Visit right now for information – and make your voice heard before it’s too late.

Please join today’s strike, and help protect the Internet.


Jane & Winston


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