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Excerpt From the Witing of Nostradamus


Here are the sequence of the events leading to the Third World War and taking place during the war, based on the quatrains of Nostradamus and similar prophecies of other people. Eventually, the events may turn out to be very different. The comments below the quatrains are based on the current geopolitical scenario but some events which are not commensurate with the current situation may unfold later on. I will try to update as the situation changes.

[I.63] Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller, for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully. People will travel safely through the sky, land and seas : then wars will start up again

This quatrain is considered to be the quatrain which indicate the start of WW-III. The scenario described in this quatrain is definitely a modern world scenario as is describes air travel. Air travel became commercially available only after WW-II. World is a small place now with ease of communications. Antibiotics helped man to get rid of many incurable diseases. But, Nostradamus says, wars will start up again. Alternatively, this might describe a period of unparalleled peace predicted after WW-III when the Great Monarch will reign, till the “End of the World”.

[IV.32] In those times and places that meat gives way to fish the law of commune will be opposed. The old order will hold strong, then removed from the scene, then all things common among friends put far behind

We have already seen this prophecy coming true. During the early 1990s in Soviet Union and Communist Europe (in those times and places), when the economic condition in these countries deteriorated (meat gave way to fish), Communism (the law of commune) was opposed by the people. The old leaders indeed tried to hold on but ultimately were removed from powers. Ultimately Communism (all things common among friends – equality among friends – comrades) collapsed. This prophecy was understood even before its accomplishment by many interpreters. But the instability caused by collapse of USSR and the resulting unipolar world may indirectly be the cause of the next great war.

[X.72] The year 1999 and September month, from the sky will come the great King of Terror. He will awaken the great king of the Angolmois. Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

On 11th September 2001, terrorists crashed three jumbo jets on the World Trade Center twin towers in New York and on Pentagon bringing the towers down and causing damage to the Pentagon in the biggest ever terror attack this world has seen. “King of Terror”, the ultimate form of terrorism indeed came from the sky that day. The date on which this event took place was two years after 1999 but the quatrain describes the rest of the events wonderfully. It is said that prophesized dates often do not come true as the exact time of any event depends on human free will. “King of Angolmois“, probably means the King of America (Anglomois?) i.e the US President, who “awakened” to the scourge of terrorism and started his “War on Terror“. USA had good luck in the wars (Mars – the God of War) that followed in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

[IX.55] The horrible war which is being prepared in the West, The following year will come the pestilence So very horrible that young, old, nor beast (will survive), Blood, fire Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

The attack against Iraq by USA, Britain and the western coalition forces, opposed by most Islamic countries, might turn out to be the precursor to the WW-III and will obviously be a war “prepared in the West“. Nostradamus says that in the following year, (2004?) pestilence will spread. This may point to a possible terrorist attack on the USA and other allied countries in the following year, this time using Biological, Chemical or Radiological weapons of mass destruction. The attack is likely to be on a gigantic proportion, leading to deaths in thousands. Maybe Anthrax and/or other Biological Warfare agents will spread out of control, in such a manner that people – young and old and also animals will die. Anthrax infects human and animals alike. EXCERPT: READ MORE AT THIS WEBSITE.

“Newt Gingrich, You’re a Loser” – Parody



“GOP heart of Dixie could be up for grabs” – UPI



What’s Next for Same-Sex Marriage?

Today’s landmark decision of a federal appeals court striking down California’s Proposition 8, which denied marriage rights to same-sex couples, is cause to celebrate. While there have been a few state courts to rule that gays and lesbians are entitled to equal marriage rights under state law, never before has a federal court of appeals – the level just below the Supreme Court – declared that gay marriage is protected by the U.S. Constitution. Today’s decision has the potential to benefit not only thousands of gay Californians, but could establish the foundation for extension of marriage equality to all Americans.[Huffington Post] Read more.

Karl Rove Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It. He’s Offended? Why would the common man care?

English: West face of the United States Suprem...

I wonder if the US Supreme Court regret their Citizens United decision which has unleashed  the Devil upon our country? SuperPacs are evil.  They do their business in the dark. WATCH STEPHEN COLBERT UNVAIL SUPER PACS:

The Bible teaches “What you do in darkness will soon come to light.”  Karl Rove has gone on TV saying he was offended by the Superbowl commercial narrated by Clint Eastwood, who, BTW, is a known Republican. Rove heads a SuperPac that does the same kind of thing he is accusing Democrats of doing.  Watch Cenk Uygur discuss this matter:

What do you think after viewing the video?

Is the ad blatantly pro-Obama by design?

The Bush Years were our “first half,” so to speak. The Obama years are the “second half.” Fair thinking Americans can see the corruption in our politics and governance and realize that Barack Obama is the best of what some would call the worst.


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Iranian manifesto: ‘Kill all Jews, annihilate Israel’


Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers Friday prayers sermon at Tehran University on Friday, Feb. 3. Photo Credit:AP

“The Iranian government, through a website proxy, has laid out the legal and religious justification for the destruction of Israeland the slaughter of its people. …Calling Israel a danger to Islam, the conservative website Alef, with ties to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the opportunity must not be lost to remove “this corrupting material. It is a ‘jurisprudential justification’ to kill all the Jews and annihilate Israel, and in that, the Islamic government of Iran must take the helm.”

The article, written by Alireza Forghani, a conservative analyst and a strategy specialist in Khamenei’s camp, now is being run on most state-owned conservative sites, including the Revolutionary GuardsFars News Agency, showing that the regime endorses this doctrine.” Read the original article at World Net Daily

Read more at: http://times247.com/articles/iran-s-supreme-leader-kill-all-the-jews-annihilate-israel


English: Protestant church in Tehran (Qods Str...
Protestant Church in Tehran across from Tehran University

Separation of Church and State, Plain and Simple

Roman Catholic Church in Gerse
This is a house of WORSHIP and not a BUSINESS!

Joe Scarborough, Host of “Morning Joe” (@joeNBC), et al, is fanning the flames of an alleged religious war which now Mitt Romney is using to win. Newt Gingrich won in South Carolina by appealing to the vestiges of racism in the state that started the Civil War.  It appears the Republican party has studied each state and decided how to sucker that state into voting for their candidate(s).

President Obama is NOT infringing on anyone’s religion. Catholics are free to worship freely “as their parents and grandparents did.”   Worship is worship and business is business is business. Catholic schools and hospitals are NOT WORSHIP. Business is not static. If the Roman Catholic Church wants to participate in the arena of business, they must play by the ever-changing rules.  They should not get an exception.  There is no basis for a religious exception in business. IMHO, business is secular! What is the definition, anyway?


noun \ˈwər-shəp also ˈwȯr-\

Definition of WORSHIP

chiefly British : a person of importance —used as a title for various officials (as magistrates and some mayors)
: reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power; also : an act of expressing such reverence
: a form of religious practice with its creed and ritual
: extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem <worship of the dollar>

Examples of WORSHIP

  1. worship of gods and goddesses
  2. Worship services are held daily.
  3. the media’s worship of celebrities


Joe Scarborough knows that the Roman Catholic Church is slow to change and still enjoys great respect among Catholics. I mean, once all Popes had to be Italian. That has changed, hasn’t it?