Calling Out Eric Cantor! 1

This is incredible: We’ve reached 140,023 signatures on our petition calling out Eric Cantor for caving to special interests and softening the STOCK Act, a bill intended to ban insider trading and crack down on corruption.

Hours after a watered down STOCK Act passed the House, news broke that powerful Republican Spencer Bachus, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee will face an ethics investigation over possible insider trading allegations. Bachus is being investigated about whether he received secret briefings on the imminent collapse of the economy in 2008 and then made trades to profit off the economic crisis.

If you haven’t signed our petition it’s not too late. House and Senate negotiators will be meeting to hammer out a final STOCK Act bill. Make your voice heard and send an unmistakable message to Eric Cantor and Speaker Boehner to demand the toughest ethics reforms and that that people’s interests come before the special interests.

Sign the petition right now. If you’ve already signed the petition, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


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