The Arab League will propose a “peacekeeping joint force” with the United Nations to oversee the aftermath of a proposed cease-fire in Syria, the Cairo-based alliance announced Sunday.

The proposal was one of many points offered in a statement from the league, which met Sunday to discuss Syria. Other proposed measures included to “stop trading with the Syrian regime, except those directly affecting Syrian citizens.”

The Syrian government sternly indicated it was not on board with the plan offered by the Arab League, which suspended Syria late last month. Denying rampant accusations that its forces have killed thousands of civilians in a crackdown on popular unrest, the Damascus-based government has consistently blamed “armed terrorist groups.”

The international political maneuvering comes as reports continue to stream in about the violence in Syria.

U.N. officials estimate 6,000 people have died since protests se eking President Bashar al-Assad‘s ouster began nearly a year ago.

Are Your Ministers, and Priests Preaching about Jesus’ Second Coming?

I am no Biblical scholar, but, I sense that the End of Days foretold in the New Testament is upon us .  We are told that in the days near Jesus’ Second Coming, “there will be war and rumors of war.” “Their will be signs in the heavens.” Look at your news sources and see what is going on in the world: Fighting, unusual phenomena in the weather and other unseasonal manifestations.  I awoke this morning to learn that in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad is using activists as human shields, tying them to his tanks as he wages war on his people.  Everyday there are reports of the number of innocents killed by the armed forces of Syria.  Correspondents and journalists are prevented from entering Syria to prevent them from reporting on the truth of genocide there.

Why has the Arab League not acted?  Have they no teeth?  One man running from harm, under attack in Syria, said, “Where is America?” It is time for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and other countries in the world band together as NATO did to save the people of Libya.  Nations in the area have bought weapons of war from us and others. It is time to use those weapons to save the vulnerable people of Syria. Oil rich countries cannot just sit on their profits while the world goes to hell!  The United States is trying to get its house in order.  While some regard the US as the “Policemen of the World,” we are not.  We don’t have the resources to right all the wrong in the world. Witness the vote in the Security Council the other day when Russia and China vetoed action by the United Nations to help the people of Syria.  Any resolution by the General Assembly cannot help those suffering in Syria under artillery fire from their government. The Arab Spring must not die!  But, the Middle East cannot curse the West and then look to us to save them. (IMHO).  But, friends are concerned about the welfare of each other.  As we see the fighting and dying in Syria, we ask ourselves, “Who are our friends?”  Must we borrow money to fight a war in Syria? Perhaps the powers-that-be in the Middle East would pay the United States to police their sector of the world(?)  Whatever they do, countries of the Middle East must act to restore peace to their region. Genocide must not win!  Is fighting for liberty and democracy for all the people of the world God’s mission for the United States of America and her allies?  Must our youth shed their precious blood in the darkest theaters of war to assure global peace and freedom? Is this our cross to bear?  Is this our role in end of days? Heavenly Father, we pray that You will send Jesus soon to end our travail and take us to Glory!

Let the Fires of Liberty Burst Forth!

English: Map of Arabic-speaking countries.
Map of Arab Speaking Countries

Let’s Defeat Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Make Congress Play Stock Market Fair to All

I have some good news, and I have some bad news.

The good news is that both houses of Congress passed the STOCK Act, the bill that would stop congressional insider trading.

The bad news is that the House version is substantially weaker than the Senate version.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) did his campaign funders on Wall Street a huge favor by insisting the bill include a loophole for lobbyists and hedge fund managers who trade on congressional insider information.

Demand that Congress eliminate Cantor’s Wall Street insider trading loophole.

Then forward this message to as many of your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues as you can.

This fight isn’t over.

We can still win a strong STOCK Act that will make it clear that Congress — and those who do business with Congress  — are subject to the same laws against insider trading that apply to the rest of us.

And we can defeat Cantor’s loophole, which would allow Wall Street’s minions to prowl the halls of Congress in search of insider info that can be turned to cash on the stock market.

Let’s make sure Congress hears us loud and clear so the negotiations between the House and the Senate ensure the STOCK Act is strong.

Sign the petition to oppose Cantor’s loophole.

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Public Citizen’s Online Action Team