Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) Appears on “Morning Joe” – WYSIWYG 1

Chris Christie in his role as bulldog for candidate Willard Mitt Romney

Mika had her “boyfriend” on again.   The interview started off with “softballs.”  Christie skillfully defended his endorsement of Mitt Romney.   Harold Ford (D-NY) and Joe Scarborough asked Christie if he really believed Mitt could beat Barack Obama.  This time the governor was not as passionate and defensive as his last appearance of the show.  Christie told Harold Ford, “I will not give you off the cuff answers.”  I was surprised that Christie feels that his standing on issues should be compared to a mere governor’s stand. We were reminded that President Obama will not say, “I support gay marriage.”  Christie said he has convinced each Republicanin the legislature to vote to put the same-sex

Johnathan Capehart, of The Washington Post

marriage issue on the next ballot. When Jonathan Capehart pressed Christie on a gay issue involving the President, the Governor said, “I used to be a prosecutor and I will not be  cross-examined by you. (I believe Jonathan is gay. I could be wrong.)  Christie is a plus size man with very thin skin! The interview ended with Chris Christie unable to restrain himself from being the easily pissed off braggart when Joe asked him an inconsequential human interest question to close the segment.  Christie felt the host was minimizing his statements. The interview was as per usual with Governor Christie.  He is not ready for the prime time of working in the Whitehouse in the number 1 or number 2 position.