Hillary Clinton was right: “There’s a vast right wing conspiracy…”

Well, I realize now that that statement was true. I look back at the Clinton administration which gave us prosperity.  The rich were making money even with a 39% tax rate.  Somewhere along the way the rich weren’t satisfied.  The wanted a comprehensive scheme that would ensure they would remain rich.  We now call them the TOP 1%.They have more wealth the bottom 99% all together.

Who knows how Republican governors and Republican led legislature. just happened to pass the same laws which take away the rights of the left, their prosperity, their unencumbered sex lives, the right of women to make decisions about their bodies, the

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican Party

denial of gay American to enjoy marital equality and the right to serve openly in our military.  The list goes on and on.  There are so many of the same issues that there must have been a secret meeting where a scheme was formed to wage war on the left and take over all government in the US.  Essential to getting the war started was The Tea Party. They used the wins in the November 2010 Election to bring The Congress to its knees and make them the worst Congress in history with an approval rating of “10.”  That’s on a scale of “100,” folks! The order of the day is ubiquitous and rotten gridlock!

Our President, Barack Obama was hated by Republicans. So, they included him in this now evident and announced campaign to deny our first black president a second term.

This video reminds me of the “Startrek” phrase, “Prime Directive.”  That video is evidence of conspiracy which I would like to hear US Attorney General Holder, another black, review this campaign, the war and decide on its legality.  I understand why President Obama decided not to prosecute the crimes of the previous administration, but, we would have a very different country if he had.  I think we would not have had to endure the political circus that came to our towns and dominated our TVs with unending and useless debates.  We would have seen GOP candidates run with more virtue an ability.  We have to be guided my that old truism: “You don’t change horses midstream.”  While the most lofty Obama promises have yet to be realized, Barack Obama has given us great government with a long list of accomplishments. Also, he has prospered even though he has had to cleanup the mess that President George W. Bush left us. (Notice that in this Republican campaign no candidate has or can point to successes  of the most recent leader of their political party.)  Candidate Newt Gingrich would label President Obama as a quasi “janitor” for the nation. (my apologies Mr. President. It’s just a metaphor.)

Republicans would have us believe that it is just spontaneous political creations that have been used to assault the poor, the “very poor” and the middle-class.  This post cannot fully give you a picture of how widespread GOP efforts are to install their tyranny.   Why are they focusiWhat can we do at this juncture? RE-ELECT BARACK OBAMA FOR A SECOND TERM!  He anointed himself a “warrior for the middle-class.”  So if you are a part of the “99%” who sweat and toil in our society, if you are poor or unemployed, if you have lost faith in our government, know that we witness the most important crisis in our lives.  The people must rise up and take back our government from the oligarchy that is the Republican Party who are a shill  for the rich and the “successful,” to use a Romney word.  If we elect Rick Santorum, we will endorse an administration that will seek to turn us into a Roman Catholic run nation which will be a shill for The Vatican.  Is that what you want?  Are you willing to give up the many freedoms our heroes have shed their blood and died to maintain?  We have a president who is not encumbered by his mild manner. Witness his successful forays into the Middle East to take down Mummar Kadaffy and the many leaders of al-Qaeda. Barack Obama has made us feel that our national security is in good hands.  For many good reasons we must re-elect our Commander-in-Chief for all his successful deeds and who gives us HOPE.

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NY Court Rules in Favor of a Town Having the Authority to Ban “Fracking” Trumping State Law


New York Court Affirms Town Authority To Ban ‘Fracking’

In a decision that could set a national precedent for how local governments can regulate gas drilling, a New York state court yesterday ruled for the first time that towns have the right to ban such drilling, despite a state regulation asserting they cannot. READ MORE

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Placido Domingo & Stephen Colbert – “La Donna E Mobile” – A Classic Duet

I knew Stephen Colbert can sing. He has sung on Broadway.  But, I didn’t know that he had an operatic voice, too!  Listen to the world’s greatest tenor (and a personal favorite), Placido Domingo from Spain, sing with Stephen Colbert:


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IRN and Oliver Kinross are pleased to bring you the Libya Oil and Gas Summit 2012 on the 21st and 22nd March in Rome

After nearly half a century of dictatorship, Libya is finally free. With a culture stretching back many millennia, a highly educated young, workforce and Africa’s largest oil and gas reserves, Libya is very much open for business and ready to retake its rightful place as one of the world’s leaders.

The Libya Oil & Gas Summit 2012 brings together all the key stakeholders in the new Libya from the National Transitional Council, the National Oil Corporation and their related companies, International Oil Companies, Service Providers, Governmental organisations, thought leaders and experts from Libya and across the globe. Attendees will be able to learn, forge new relationships, develop existing ones and deepen their understanding of the new Libyan oil & gas landscape in the luxury of a 5* environment throughout the conference and at the networking events, gala dinners, receptions and much more.

Key topics to be covered include assessing the new political, legal and economic structures in Libya, assessing the security situation, determining how Libya’s natural wealth can be used for the good of the Libyan people, as well as examining in depth where future exploration and production opportunities lie.

As the first summit to address these issues in the new Libya, this is a must attend platform for all existing and potential stakeholders wanting to discover new opportunities, build solid friendships, maximize potential and advance their position in the market.
If you want to propose a case study or participate in a panel discussion, get in touch as soon as possible:
E: info@libyasummit2012.net T: +44 (0)20 7125 0343


Aljazeera: Annan named UN-Arab envoy on Syria

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The United Nations and the Arab League have appointed Kofi Annan, a former head of the world body, to act as a joint special envoy on Syria.

Al Jazeera‘s Alan Fisher reports from Washington, DC.

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Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General