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Jesus Christ is Real! I must spread the Good News!


03:10 AM

God woke me up to answer “nature’s call”…and to witness to you.  [As you know I am disabled and must worship God through ‘”church TV.”]  Before I awakened I was deep into a dream that included elements of previous dreams. In the dream I used former friend’s house to entertain co-workers and he came home and ended the party.  There were two co-workers who could not get home at two in the morning, so they looked for he, as host, to come up with a solution. One co-worker was male and one was female.  I quickly found a “gypsy cab” to take my male co-worker home.  The woman was a tougher nut to crack. No cab would take her the long distance where she lived.  But, I was wrong,  after take a long walk, I found a regulation cab that took her that long distance instead of her relying on public transportation.

Now, it was my turn to get home. I was in a bad area of town which was patrolled by the police. I had had trouble with the cops in that area before. Next I was wrapped in a lace burka-like costume. I thought that appearing to be a female would get me through this dangerous patch.  I passed this newstand with a lone black man was in attendance. He was a black Muslim.  He looked at me curiously, but, said  nothing. I went a little way further and then heard him running and calling out to me.  Having noticed that my garment kept coming undone, he offered me a small device that his women used to fasten their clothes.

Suddenly, the dream shifted to a scene where I was noticed by the cops. [“Girls” as big as me were rare. [No, I am not a drag queen.] 🙂 They stopped me and started asking me questions. Arrogantly.I refused to be interrogated the way they do black men in my town. [Not where I live now.] I was bold enough to defy them and not suffer their abuse silently    [I was asking for trouble!].  The cop beat me with his nightstick. I was shocked to realize  that the blows did not hurt.  I wondered why? As the assault continued, I thought of Christ being beaten by the Romans. I thought that as the Son of God, surely, He did not feel the pain of those blows.  I told the cop that I had to pee and he said, “too bad.” I asked him if he wanted me to pee on myself.  He was not sympathetic.  As he dragged me off to jail, I awoke to find that I did need to urinate. [Note : I was a bed-wetter until I was 14.]  Then I awoke and I realized that God was using this dream to assure me that He is always with me, even when “life beats up on me.”  Though I am alone, I have God as my constant companion.  It is He who gives me the words I write in my blog.

After clearing the “sleep” from my eyes, I thought about the hard times I had gone through in my life. There were times when my lifestyle put me in danger of being arrested.  I never was because God was with me.  I won’t detail my sins, but, I will say that it involved a “certain white powder.”  God was with me then and He is with me now. Before He left us,  Jesus told His disciples to “spread the Good News” of His birth and death for our salvation.  I asked myself, “How could I follow His command?”  Then God revealed that I could witness for Jesus by telling you, my loyal readers, of my dream and my faithful interpretation thereof: Jesus Christ is alive and making a home for you. “Christ will come again!”  Have you accepted Him as your Saviour?: Do you have a personal relationship with God?  It is not too late. And, remember, no sin is too small or too big for Him to forgive. Jesus loves you!

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BILL CLINTON: A Sermon on Politics: ‘All of Us See Through the Glass Darkly’

Ex-President Clinton, VP Joe Biden and President Obama.

‘All of Us See Through the Glass Darkly’

Bill Clinton explores politics & religious values in a sermon at Riverside Church before the start of the Republican convention

BY: Bill Clinton

Politics and political involvement dictated by faith is not the exclusive province of the right wing.

Religious values can include commitment to the common good, concern for the poor and vulnerable, the middle class families, the preservation of our God-given environment, unity over division, and for truth in campaign advertising.

We have a curious situation in American where the religious right has tried to turn all who disagree with them into two-dimensional cartoons. I read a very moving article in one of our newspapers a few days ago in which someone in the president’s hometown said all the Democrats cared about was abortion, gay marriage, and being weak on defense.

I have never met anybody that was pro abortion. That is not what pro-choice means. It just means we don’t want to criminalize the choice. I’m not ashamed to believe that gay people shouldn’t be discriminated against and I don’t believe Jesus ever had much to say about that. When Charlie Rangel fought in Korea and John Kerry fought in Vietnam they did not ask what their political party was before they let them put a uniform on.

I was raised a Southern Baptist. I used to wonder why the Republicans hated me so much. I’m kind of nice and accommodating. I even go duck hunting once a year. I think it’s because I’m supposed to be some sort of apostate – a white, southern, protestant. Why am I not a Republican, especially now that they’ve given me all those tax cuts?

The other party’s about to convene here, putting on its once-every-four-years compassionate face. They have claimed the exclusive allegiance of America’s “real Christians.”

Read more: http://www.beliefnet.com/News/Politics/2004/09/All-Of-Us-See-Through-The-Glass-Darkly.aspx#ixzz1lV9VSPzf