MItch McConnell Puts Off Vote on Healthcare

McConnell shrinks from showdown on Obamacare repeal

McConnell shrinks from showdown on Obamacare repeal

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky told his colleagues this week that he does not want to vote again on repealing President Obama’s health care reform law until after the November elections.Read & Comment

EX Morman Bishop Romney Evades Morman Doctrine


Writers more talented than I can talk about Mitt Romney‘s flip-flops on important issues like Roe vs Wade. In the video above, Romney is asked how his Mormon religion would affect his decisions if he were President.  The question is clearly made to him AND ROMNEY EVADES THE QUESTION.  What is he hiding? Why won’t he talk about the Mormon Church? Why does he make a distinction between christians and mormons? Candidate Romney states in the video that he has “the love of the American people.” Huh? Come again, Mitt. How do you gauge that supposed love?

Guy Smiley, Romney Look-a-Like

I look forward to seeing and hearing Romney justify making millions by doing what Gordon Gecko did in the movie “Wallstreet.” He bought companies, sold off their assets and fired the American people. He is reported to have $500 million dollars yet served chilli when he announced his candidacy  for President. [It was not the lead story in the local papers…thanks to Sarah Palin whose hunger for celebrity sucked up all the oxygen in the state that day.]

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Rick Santorum Is So Embroiled with His Speculations about Other’s Sex Lives that He Doesn’t See Satan’s Attacks…on Him!


I am mad as hell. At Rick Santorum‘s concession speech, he held up a chunk of coal and said that locked within is precious oil. Oil in North Dakota which President Obama is preventing from being retrieved from nature. I had no reason not to believe him at the time. Last evening I watched Ed Schultz‘ program, “The EdShow (MSNBC). Ed said he is very familiar with North Dakota through his hunting trips. Ed revealed what I call, Santorum’s”bold face lies” to his applauding and gullible audience assembled and to those us at home watching him because we care about the future of this country. There are so many oil companies in North Dakota that they are tripping over each other. They are only encumbered by the lack of housing and infrastructure. Did you know that eve Haliburton is there? Their enemy is not the EPA. I am sure your mothers taught you that if someone lies about a small thing, there is no limit on what they might tell

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...
Zealot, Rick Santorum. Candidate for President(?)

lies in the future. I was incredulous when I saw Rick Santorum deny that he had talked down my “black people” calling us, the “blah” people, or some other lie. People, we certainly do not need a President who will lie to us “pull the wool over our eyes” while only a candidate. GOP voters, just because you voted for Rick Santorum in the primary does not mean that you have to vote for him in the general election. Hmmm. You didn’t sign (in blood) one of Rick’s contracts with Satan! Did you?

I can only speculate what is going on in the “quiet rooms” where Republican leaders discuss and decide our fate and decide  how they will screw us. Later, they again look us in the face while screwing us! As you have read on this blog, the GOP candidates want to secure the Whitehouse so badly that they are surely doing and saying anything they can stomach to cloud your thinking and influence your vote. They have no answers to our problems and when interviewed, only speak in general politi-speak using the same words and promises that all politicians use and make before elections. Didn’t mother tell you that “the proof is in the pudding”? She must also be decrying the current war against women which the right has been forced to adopt because they are in an election season. The GOP is not equipped with real answers for job creation, real solutions for spurring our economy, real ways to get our “AAA” rating back, etc. You will recall me posting the quote from Standard and Poors which laid the blame for its action at the feet of Republicans in Congress who refused to negotiate with the President in the face of a Republican threat to shut down the government over raising the debt ceiling.[Search my site for the quote or “Google It.”.

Do you want to be an informed voter? Well, don’t depend on getting the skinny from FoxNews. They are the vehicle which has driven the party (of which they are an arm) so far right that they have lost their minds suffering from overwhelming hatred for Barack Obama. Don’t be a part of their madness. Seek the answers which inform your vote by having more than one source of news. It would not hurt you to listen to the liberals once in a while…if only to be able to make comparisons of events and motives, etc. Don’t be distracted by all these sex issues the GOP is using to capture the news cameras to inflame your passions. That is not the tradition of the Party. Don’t let the government into your marriage bed! Do what this group of women used to stop the fighting in their country”

THEY WITHHELD SEX UNTIL THE FIGHTING STOPPED! And, it worked! Starting today, stop “giving it up!” until Republicans apologize to women and stop these laws to control their rights to their bodies. Women, your men do not own you! Think! There are more of you than they! Use the power of the ballot to keep the rights you fought so hard to get. May God aid you in this struggle!

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...
The Plight of the poor and middle-class has Barack Obama FIRED UP!