Would that Sandra Fluke Could File a Class Action Suit Against Radio Talkers Who Defamed Her

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Billionaire Radio Personality, Rush Limbaugh

Sandra Fluke, a student, and not a public figure has had her good name, character and personal regard and safety assaulted by Rush Limbaugh et als.  These men have first amendment rights but, IMHO, that does not include the horrible things said about her to entertain right-wing radio audiences.  Entertainment is the dodge these men use to further the aims of conservative Republicans. Daily they spout character assassination to further the efforts of the GOP to destroy Barack Obama, Warrior of the Middle Class. Nothing can un-speak those horrible things said about Miss Fluke. The lost of money is the only recourse to stop these attacks.  This matter deserves to be brought to court.

Rush Limbaugh has issued a so-called apology. Rush was not at school the day they taught what makes up an apology:

Definition of APOLOGY

1a : a formal justification : defense b : excuse 2a
2: an admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret <a public apology>
3: a poor substitute : makeshift

Examples of APOLOGY

  1. The company issued an official apology to its customers for its error.
  2. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any problems we may have caused.
  3. He made a public apology for his controversial remarks.
  4. He refused to accept my apology.
  5. We received a letter of apology from the company.
  6. I made my apologies and left.
 IN POPULAR USAGE, ONE HAS TOO REALLY BE SORRY FOR THEIR WRONGFUL ACTIONS.  Rush Limbaugh and his colleagues are not sorry, IMHO.  They should be forced to give restitution to their victim so she can know some measure of justice.  Rush was bold enough to spout his evil on radio but he was not man enough to go on radio or TV and show himself to Miss Fluke and the public the degree to which he was sorry.
In his own words, for 20 years Rush has used invectives to entertain the far-right for which he is the mouthpiece. NO REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE HAS BOLDLY DENOUNCED RUSH LIMBAUGH AND CALLED FOR THE SAME JUSTICE THAT WAS METED OUT TO DON IMUS WHEN HE MISSED USED HIS PLATFORM. How could any of Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers condone what Rush did?  They should ask themselves, “Suppose Miss Fluke was my daughter?” Advertisers should be found guilty in the court of public opinion if they continue to support Rush Limbaugh et als.

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  1. Would class action suit by thousands of women backing Ms. Fluke?? How about a million woman march??

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