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Will America Work Again?


Only four days left until the deadline: Midnight, November 23, 2011. Looks like months of gridlock will end with the Super Committee failing to reach a compromise on how to cut spending and raise taxes on the rich.  The ball has not been advanced beyond the 10th yard line! Predictable! Once again Republicans have made fools of us who watched for months for signs of progress from this committee which was stacked with players who put Republican ideology first and who are simply continuing the GOP‘s goal to achieve the Whitehouse in 2012. The 112th Congress has been “working” for 11 months with Republicans dedicated to the ruin of Barack Obama.  Republicans will not tell us in convincing language why the top 1% of the population…the rich…should not pay their fair share of the burden of running this government.

McConnell, Boehner and Cantor Take Tea

We deserve Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Eric Cantor to tell us why they oppose President Obama’s efforts to create jobs. Many of Obama’s ideas were approved by the GOP before they were adopted into the American Jobs Act.  I look at the news and see pictures of Republicans and the listing of the number of jobs they voted “No” to creating in their districts.  They sacrifice the public who elected them to make national political gain.  They must think that the people who voted them into office are “fool enough” to re-elect them after being used this way.

Republicans, your intransigence led to Standard and Poor’s downgrading of our
AAA credit rating which we had enjoyed for 70 years.  It does no good to reject the truth. Your refusal to compromise and raise taxes on the rich will lead to another downgrade of our credit rating…and soon!  I hope that the 14 million Americans who are unemployed are registered to vote and that for the first time they will punish Republicans who have will have denied job creation in America. Republicans, come to your senses! Take the necessary measures to improve the economy and lift us out of our national morass.

I used to think that when Democrats come into power, they push the social advancement of America with increased spending.  Then voters would check spending by electing Republicans. But the world has gone crazy: No one is playing by the rules! 83% of the people disapprove of Congress and, IMHO, that is largely due to Republicans wanting their way in all negotiations. No, they want more: They want Democrats  to capitulate to their demands and adopt a vision that continues the destruction of the middle-class and keeps the poor in misery.  The new prime minister of Italy was chosen recently. It only took him three days to form a new government, receive a parliamentary vote of confidence and begin to solve the financial problems which threaten to take that country down.  Why can’t our legislative system work that fast? How much bad behaviour can we stomach? How close will the Congress lower us to an impossible reality before they shake off the throes of partisanship and do what we pay them every two weeks to do: REACH COMPROMISE TO MOVE AMERICA FORWARD. TO LIFT UP THE NATION!

Will America work again?  The answer to that question lies with the conscious of Republicans in the Congress.  God gave us a blessed history;we are an exceptional country. But, we are on a downward spiral. We need a course correction, Republicans.  We need you to abandon your hatred for Barack Obama and work with him to create jobs, fund healthcare and make financial reform, etc.  There is a lot of work to be done.  Democrats have their sleeves rolled up and are ready to work WITH you…not for you! You may have good ideas for governing, but, we can’t tell because of the posture you take. You are anti-government. At least you have been…and promise to be for 12 more months.  How do you sleep at night?  What do you do with the thousands of communications that cross your desks asking for non-partisan resolution of our economic and social problems?  Are all those bytes and paper for naught? Make America work again! Don’t drag us down any further. I thank you!

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