MIddle-Class Being Hosed for Oil Companies


Everyday we don’t hear John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell say that they will end the grossly unfair and indefensible oil subsidies for OIL INDUSTRY at a time of record oil company profits.  There was a time when the oil drilling industry needed government help to keep it growing. No longer. Yes, in relation to the profits, the subsidies are not a large amount of money. But, that is no excuse to continue throwing money away. Yet, the oil companies have directed the republicans to resist repealing oil subsidies along with tax increases for the rich. It seems like there is a class of Americans that feels it is entitled to hold all of the wealth in the country by continually hosing the middle-class.  Quality of life for the middle-class has been severely damaged while the rich, and the republicans who protect them, live high on the hog! Where’s the basic fairness in our country?

I read about the “greatest generation” who sacrificed and fought ’til victory in World War II. Since then we have been slowly spiraling into a new country with less noble values and ignoble goals. Just what do we stand for?  We elected an Afro-American President to show that truly in America the best man can get that job regardless of race.  Since his inauguration republicans have waged an ugly and unrelenting campaign to fight President Obama’s efforts to deliver on promises of change.  And, Barack Obama is too much of a gentleman to toot his own horn and praise his accomplishments. WHY HASN’T THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEAD A CHORUS CELEBRATING THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF OUR DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT?

Are we as a nation so mired in the muck of despair that we can see no hope at the end of the proverbial tunnel?  We need an issue that will galvanize the people into one-minded vigor for the America we have given lip-service to for decades. The middle-class must self-emancipate. We need an issue that will get the couch potatoes, the young and even the infirm, out to the voting booths for state and federal elections culminating in a democratic presidential victory in 2012.  Will you do your part? God bless you!

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I guess you are fit to be tied after hearing today’s news on profits for the oil industry‘s first quarter.  Many of us are paying $4/gal for gasoline to fill our cars. It just seems obscene, perverse and unjust all at once.  Especially when you add the millions we give these profiteers as OIL SUBSIDIES.  I was so moved that I wrote this email to the President and my federal elected representatives:

April 27, 2011

[recipient address was inserted here]

[recipient name was inserted here],

We are in challenging economic times.  The American people can no longer
look the other way and ignore veiled winks of the eye as we pay billions
of taxpayer dollars to oil companies in the form of subsidies while at the
same time they have the largest profits in recent memory.

Please use your vote and influence to END OIL SUBSIDIES. Your country will
appreciate your honest service and duty.


Feel free to use this text, modify it and send it to your elected federal representatives.

Do those in the DC beltway care about our everyday struggles to stretch a dollar?  We have to pay for transportation to work. Then we have to decide between food, medication and cleaning our clothes we wear to work, etc.  “We” are the lower 98% of the population.  I have pointed out here how the great divide between the “haves and the have-nots” widens each day.  Can you imagine living in the miserable world that Paul Ryan and his republican brothers would visit upon us?  If you do nothing, don’t complain when miserable goes from concept to reality. I have to go down trying.

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Republicans Love Themselves Some Oil Companies (image)

Politician Compares Women to Farm Animals

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Georgia Representative Terry England (R-Auburn) made a bizarre speech on the floor of the Georgia house which compared women to farm animals. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss these insane comments and break down the issue. Tell us in the comment section below if you are “Pro Life” or “Pro Choice“.

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Cenk Uygur - Caricature
Cenk Uygur - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

This is what 20 years of sin and degrading others can do to you!

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O’Reilly’s Alternative Fuel Flip

Women of America, It’s the 21st Century. Unite and Protest! “Sisters are doing it for Themselves”!

Check out the song, "Sisters ARe Doing It for Themselves" by Aretha Franklin.


Sarah Palin Refuses to Denounce Rush Limbaugh’s Debasement of Women. Get Help, Sarah. Break the Cycle of Abuse!

Sarah Palin enjoys the glory of being the most influential Republican woman in the country.  With that “glory”, Sarah, there goes a lot of responsibility. Instead of championing the rights of women, you, Sarah Palin, condone Rush’s sick sex-laden abuse of women.  Now, in the public mind you support debasing innocent women and fantazing about their sex lives ON THE RADIO. Rush even asked for Sandra Fluke to post sex tapes of her on the Internet so he people like him can see them.  I wonder why? Masturbation? The depth and intracacies of Limbaugh personal attack on Sandra Fluke demands a  court settlement of at least one billion dollars!  Rush can use his other billions to get the help he has avoided for 20 years!

Studies have shown that children of abuse go on to marry partners who will abuse them.  Is that what is going on behind Limbaugh’s public denigration of women…and Sarah Palin’s complicity? Witness the video.  Clear Channel and those advertisers who finance this ongoing scandal (20 years)  are complicit in lowering the role of women in our society. Yesterday, Ed Schultz of “The EdShow” (MSNBC) said that 45 advertisers have chosen to stand for decency and quit Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh’s ego won’t let him admit the true number.  It is time for Sarah Palin to stop thinking about her self-aggrandizement and use her platform to lift women up…not to take part in making American women victims of unspoken marital and family abuse. Not so secret public abuse?

Women, there are a lot of organizations who help women who are victims of abuse. Now, I am not diagnosing or making any claims about any particular woman.  However, I did find many of these sources in Wassila, AK: 🙂

  1. Women Abuse Help | SafeHorizon.org

    Call for help if you’re a victim of abuse. 800.621.HOPE(4673).

  2. We Help Abused Women | Well-Healed.com

    We Have the Resources You Need, Emotional, Financial, and Life Help
  3. Dealing with Abuse? – Don’t do it alone | yourlifeyourvoice.org

    We’re here to help you. Just call or email us.
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