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FDA Mulls Waiving Prescriptions for Common Drugs
Some of the most widely used prescription drugs, including those for cholesterol and high blood pressure, could be available over the counter under a proposal being weighed by the Food and Drug Administration. The move would waive prescription requirements for drugs used to treat ailments like diabetes, asthma and migraine. The over-the-counter switch is one of several FDA proposals aimed at increasing access to established drugs or speeding up approval of experimental medications. [Newxsmax]
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Good ‘Enuff’ for the Goose? Then Good ‘Enuff’ for the Gander!

Angered by the almost 1000 laws being introduced to control women’s bodies and roll back the gains which enlightenment has brought us, women legislators are introducing laws which show a concern for men’s health.  Laws which involve anal probing. . Some laws deal with rules which must occur before erectile dysfunction drugs are prescribed by a doctor.  For example, requiring that men view a video showing them what will happen to their penis, if they take more of the drug in four hours than they were  warned not to do. (Viagra, Cialis, etc.)

So much furor has been generated by the GOP‘s War on Women, that we are seeing the Republicans in the US Senate backing off their assault. The fight against contraception is slowly dying in both houses of Congress.  That  subject was just a tactic used to distract us from seeing that the GOP candidates for president who talk general programs and schemes that they always mouth during campaigning. They have no details to  the programs they espouse and cannot undergo the scrutiny of the bean counters and analysts.  So, as I began today,: “Sisters and doing it for themselves!”

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