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Why Are Women Letting Men Wage a War Against Them? Cut Them Off, Ladies!

Ladies, when you were playing house with little Billy, you were thinking about having a real husband one day.  Little Billy was bored or, if testosterone had kicked in, sex!  When he reached his teens, Billy was heavy into the recreational sex thing. At the same time, he loved his mother.  One fine day, Billy was married to “the love of his life.” he thought. Later, he would realize:That title goes to Mom.  Billy had been taught that when he graduated from school, it was time to get a job, get married and start a family.  Whether he knew it or not, Billy’s relationship with his mother had a lot to do with his choice of wife and his concept of her role in marriage. Wife as equal or wife: “Barefoot and pregnant?”

Some men are socialized to want the so-called traditional marriage where the man works and brings home the bacon.  The wife cooks that bacon for him, keeps house and raises their children.  For many of us, that is impracticable. Today’s standard of living requires families to have two sources of income.  Women have to work and jostle their roles as lover, mother, cook, cleaning lady, gardener and nanny.  Girls who marry today expect to work and have a career for their own self-worth.  The age of the wife who is kept at home barefoot and pregnant, has passed.  Still men continue to dominate the landscape.  Little by little men have been influenced to grant women more civil rights as they worked side-by-side with them, though knowing that they were making just a bit more in salary…Why? Just because they are men.  Most bosses are men. Most of the members of Congress are men. For some reason unknown to me, some of these men grow up loving mother and grandmother and female siblings and cousins, but, deep down they hold a lesser regard for the worth of women in our society.  Men and women who grew up in “the church” have to deal with the Lord’s admonition: “Wives, submit to your husbands.” But, what does that mean?  From reading the Old Testament we know about the many times God told Israel to do one thing and the Israelites they did something else.  Each time God softened His heart and forgave them.

Women, ladies, the modern era requires that women be treated as equals of men in our secular government. (Rick Santorum would change that and make us all good Catholics.) Mitt Romney has said nothing about his religion.  Newt Gingrich has told us the sordid tale of his adulterous relationships with women.  Newt was in government for 30 years in positions of power, the same power structure that, today, is waging a war on women.  They think that even though they have no uterus or vagina, they know best when it comes to women’s reproductive health and women’s health in general.  This is ludicrous!  Men, the extent of your knowledge about women and how to relate to them physically, is knowing what size condom to buy. This your meager contribution to contraception. Contraception and women’s physical and hormonally charged emotional health should be in the hand of women.  Men, women are smarter than you. Let them control their bodies. Let them be involved federal conversations about laws which affect them.  Let women have the leading voices.  Experts agree: We would be a better country if women ran it. We, men, cannot look with pride on what we have done to America. Yes?

In another post I suggested that our women  mount a campaign to deny sex to their male partners until the Republicans abandon their silly, divisive and retrograde  “War on Women.”  Perhaps then they will create jobs… instead. [GoodOleWoody]

Wives, Submit to Your Husbands