Have You Asked for a Miracle?

Say “Yes!” to Your Miracle!Written by Sheila Schuller Coleman

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” -James 4:8

If God stood before you today with your miracle– the miracle that you are desperate for – and offered it to you on a silver platter for you free, would you accept it? Would you say “yes” to your miracle?You probably think, “That’s silly. Of course, I would! Doesn’t everyone say yes to a miracle?”

I love the story of the man who was home alone when it began to rain. Before long, his house was flooded and the rising waters had covered his feet. He went outside and saw a man on a raft drift by.

“Need a lift?” the man called.

“No, thanks. I have prayed for a miracle. I’ll wait for my miracle.” So, the raft sailed out of sight.

Before long, the waters were up to his knees, and another man came into sight rowing a canoe. He asked, “Need a lift?”

“No, thanks. I have prayed for a miracle. I’ll wait for my miracle.”

The canoe rowed out of sight and soon the waters were up to his chest. A motorboat powered up to his house. “Jump in before it’s too late!”

“No, thanks. I’m waiting for my miracle.”

When the waters were up to his chin, a helicopter flew over, hovered, and a rope ladder was dropped to within inches of his face. “Grab on before you drown!”

“No, thanks. I’m waiting for my miracle.”

Suddenly the man was standing before St. Peter at the pearly gates. Astonished, the man said, “Hey, what’s this all about? I prayed and believed in a miracle!”

St. Peter replied, “We sent you three boats and a helicopter!”

Sometimes we don’t recognize the miracles God sends to us. If we’re not careful, we can miss every one. So, Lord, show us – through Your Word and through Your children – the miracle. Give us the courage to say “yes,” to grab on to Your miracles, and to hold on for dear life!

      *                *                  * 


Lord, I do not want to miss Your miracle for me. You do not want me to miss my miracle. So, open my eyes and reveal Your miracle. Make it obvious and then give me the courage to grab on and hang on for dear life! Amen.


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