It’s So Sad…

I joke woke up and I am trying to understand today’s election.  Earlier today some pundit said that the people in Mississippi and Alabama are dumb.  Well, Rick Santorum is speaking to a crowd of exciting supporters. Rick is pandering and his Alabama audience doesn’t know what condescending means.  I am disappointed to hear that so many women voted for Rick Santorum. Having they been watching serious TV news?  Are they

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

voting for Rick because they are women and Rick is attractive?  The men went for Gingrich.  You form your own opinions. So, sad, conservative women put winning before the roll back of their civil rights.  Rick Santorum has no plans to focus his would-be administration lifting Alabama and Mississippi  from the bottom rung of all ladders. Rick Santorum is feeding them coded language.

This just in: MSNBC projects that Rick Santorum projected as the winner in Alabama and Mississippi.  Not being a Republican, I am unmoved.

Alabama & Mississippi GOP Voters Think Obama is a Secret Muslim

If you…blah, blah, blah…You Might Be…”

Was it the Force of George Bush’s Ego that Led to NATION BUILDING in AFGHANISTAN?

President George W. Bush started not one, but two wars in the Middle Easteven though he is a friend of the Saudis.  Could they have influenced his zeal for war?  In Iraq Bush  sought to remove the current dictator and introduce democracy.  We don’t hear about the

English: Official photograph portrait of forme...
Former President, George W. Bush

aftermath of Bush’s war and national building since the Iraqi reporter threw his shoes at the Republican President on live TV.

Sadly, we don’t hear much about the war in Afghanistan.  It has gone on 10 years, yet, we have no “embeds” covering the war to keep us abreast of how our borrow war funds are being used.  What do our troops do on a typical day?  How much of Afghanistan do we control? How many of our boys and girls died today?  Where is the video of Afghans fighting, or even demonstrating, for a democratic government. Republicans sought to make a nation in Afghanistan where conquerors from Hannibal to the Russians tried to do so…and failed.  We may be the greatest military power on earth, but, there are some things we cannot do.  We cannot set up a government in Afghanistan. Centralized government is not a part of their culture. Well-meaning Americans have failed to make democracy catch fire in Afghanistan.  That is why we see no Afghans on our TVs yearning for the kind of government we enjoy.  Regrettably, the only news we get is associated with outrageous behaviour by our troops or the Taliban or the corruption in the Karzai government to which we turn a blind eye.

At the time we began fighting in Afghanistan 75% of Republicans supported the war.  Today, that number has decreased by 23%: Only 47% of Republicans now feel this war is

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worth fighting. [Stats from RMS]  For reasons he keeps to himself, President Obama wants to keep to his 2014 deadline for having all of our troops out of Afghanistan. Why?  Is it a matter of Homeland Security to know why we stay where we are not wanted or appreciated?  Yes, there are some of the native people who want us there.  The women especially want us to stay. Some Afghans appreciate the gains in civil living we have brought them.  The women don’t want to resume their lives governed by the whims of the infamous Taliban.  I know what: Let’s partition Afghanistan and give one part to the Taliban and the other men who want to keep their wives and children in the Dark Ages, and give the other partition to freedom loving Afghans who want to enter the 21st Century.  Yes, that’s a flip solution.  In fact, it is ridiculous. So is our staying in that country beyond Christmas 2012.  Please, Mr. President, let our troops share Christmas 2012 with their loved ones stateside. As Commander-in-Chief, the decision is yours, but, please yield to the will of the people and end Bush’s 2nd war this year. [GoodOleWoody]

U.S. President George W. Bush and Afghan Presi...
President Bush stands with President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan...until we leave, I suggest.