Will No One Police the Middle East

Watch this amateur video from Syria


How can the killing go on in Syria without some of the weapons of war bought with petro-dollars be trained against the leader,  ………… There is the Arab League.  They sent Kofi Anon to negotiate peace.  When there was genocide in Libya and Egypt, it was the west that went to the United Nations and got a mandate to force solutions to these troubling hot spots.  Why purchase our latest weaponry if you don’t have the will to use them? What would happen in the countries in the Middle East who sit and watch the killing in Syria? Must their citizens be threatened before a military power in the Middle East acts to stop genocide? Is the accidental burning of their holy book the only issue that excites a mob?

The west is heavily involved in solving the global financial crisis.  Wars are costly and the United States is broke.  If we are to be “policeman of the world,” we should be paid handsomely for the job. Surviving spouses of the heroic American dead should be set for life with oil money. Iraq has not paid us for the cost of their liberation.  Where is the gratitude?  Where are the oil leases?  I thought that they were in fear of Iran taking them over. They could not wait to have us out of their country! Libya and Egypt have dropped off the attention of our news cycle which focuses on the most hot action that will engage the American people.  How is Libya doing with forming a new nation?  How are they doing with setting up their oil industry? Why after a year, the Egyptian Army has not kept its promise to allow the people to be free and set up their version of democracy?  What is going on in Tunisia where the Arab Spring started?  If fighting in Middle East does not make the 6:00 news, then things must be well in the world?

English: Map of Arabic-speaking countries.