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Democratic Governors Assn.

Did you see Elisabeth’s email about Republican-backed voter suppression bills that are spreading across the country?

A Wisconsin judge just blocked that state’s terrible new suppression law from taking effect.

And the US Department of Justice halted controversial new voting restrictions in South Carolina and Texas, concluding that minority voters would be disenfranchised at disproportionately high rates.

Voter suppression laws aren’t just unfair – they’re often illegal, yet more and more of these laws are cropping up every day.Join the DGA’s Voter Protection Project right now and stand with the tens of thousands who are already helping us fight voter suppression whenever it happens.

Unfortunately, these recent minor victories in Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Texas are not enough to stop this wave from overwhelming us. Since Republicans swept into power in 2010, eight states have made existing voter ID laws dramatically stricter or enacted new laws that make it harder to vote.

Consider this: when Democratic governors in New Hampshire, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana and North Carolina got a Republican voter suppression bill on their desk, they pulled out the veto pen. Four of out of those five states are having elections this year, and Republicans are willing to do anything to win those states so they can ram these laws through.

Powerful right-wing groups are already waging a coordinated campaign to get Republican-controlled legislatures to place new burdens on the elderly, students, low-income and minority citizens.

Sitting back and relying on the legal system to protect voters is not a winning strategy when we’re up against radical right wingers.The best way to stop voter suppression is to elect Democratic governors who will veto these bills and stop them from becoming law in the first place.

Take a stand with the DGA against voter suppression right now.

We need you with us now.


Mark Giangreco