Day: March 25, 2012

Santorum or Higher Education

Mitt Romney Caught Drawing Gay Acts on Etch a Sketch, Forces Santorum to Endorse Obama MARCH 23, 2012 6:41 AM

Eartha Kitt – C’est Si Bon (featuring Marilyn Monroe)

Leontyne Price “Song to the moon” Rusalka

Leontyne Price “Pace, pace mio Dio” 1980

Leontyne Price – “Summertime”

I am so proud of this lady!

You and Obamacare

  Why health reform matters: Seniors
There’s no doubt that if the GOP got their way and repealed Obamacare, seniors would be one of the groups hit hardest. Last year, millions of seniors and disabled Americansrelied on Medicare for quality health care — and almost 26 million received at least one preventive service free of cost. Thanks to President Obama’s plan to close the Medicare “doughnut hole,” seniors saved an average of $600 last year on prescriptions. Share the facts with everyone who should know:

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