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Secular Morality

Let me begin by stating that I am, in fact, a pro-life atheist. Unfortunately I am not an experienced medical doctor and must rely on others’ research to determine whether I am for or against abortion. My lack of medical knowledge is, however, something I challenge through openness to the opinions of more qualified individuals. It is difficult to take any Pro-Life organizations opposition to abortion as a valid point when the organization identifies itself as fulfilling the work of God. Abortion should not be ruled immoral because a Deity declared it to be. If a secularist wants to be part of a pro-life organization, where does he turn? Certainly not to creationist groups, who contend that birth-control contributes to the massive amount of abortions performed in the United States every year. Perhaps you stumble upon a moving video (Graphic content) that exposes the truth about how horrific abortions can be, only…

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A Message from Donna Brazile…

If we want to have a President Obama or a Democratic Majority a year from now, we have to step up this week.

Right now, Tea Partiers are outside the Supreme Court protesting health care reform. Across the street, Republicans in Congress are about to pass the Paul Ryan budget that destroys Medicare and gives even more tax breaks to the wealthy than Bush did.

If that’s not enough, the first quarterly Federal Election Commission fundraising deadline of 2012 hits this week. With all this Republican craziness in DC right now, everyone’s waiting to get a hold of both parties’ fundraising numbers to see who has the momentum. We have got to have a strong showing.

Contribute $10 or more right now and your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar >>

If you’ve been waiting for a sign that it’s time to make your contribution, pick your choice: Repealing health reform, ending Medicare, or more tax breaks for billionaires and Big Oil.

Will you step up and get your donation matched?



No Clean Hands with this Guy…

Dominique Strauss-Kahn at a political rally he...
Dominique Strauss-Kahn at a political rally held by the Socialist Party for the 2007 parliamentary elections. Français : Dominique Strauss-Kahn au meeting organisé au Zénith de Paris par le Parti socialiste dans le cadre des élections législatives de 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former chief of the International Monetary Fund, was charged in France with “aggravated pimping” for his alleged participation in a prostitution ring, according to French prosecutors.

His attorneys released a statement in November calling the allegations against Strauss-Kahn “unhealthy, sensationalist and not without a political agenda.”

Strauss-Kahn has been linked with a number of sex scandals in the past year — one of which torpedoed his expected plan to run for the French presidency this year — but he has not been convicted of any crime. [CNN]

Plouffe: Romney ‘Godfather’ of Healthcare Law

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Plouffe: Romney ‘Godfather’ of Healthcare Law

White House senior adviser David Plouffe on Sunday labeled Mitt Romney the “godfather” of President Barack Obama’s healthcare law.

Plouffe, appearing on four talk shows on the eve of Supreme Court arguments on the law, said the administration is “confident in the constitutionality” of President Obama’s signature legislation.

“By the way, Mitt Romney’s the godfather of our healthcare plan. If he’s president, remarkably, he’s running away from that past. And he’s going to say he’s going to try and throw all this away,” Plouffe declared on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

All of the GOP presidential candidates, including Romney, have pledged to fight for a repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which Obama signed into law in March of 2010.

Host David Gregory pressed Plouffe, saying, “Mitt Romney’s the godfather of the Obama healthcare plan — so will he get the credit if it all goes well down the line as well?”

Plouffe responded with a touch of sarcasm: “Well, maybe in 2016 — when he’s a professor somewhere or whatever he’s doing — he can remark on that. But I think that there’s no question that our healthcare plan — his experts were involved in it. It’s a model that was utilized.”

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection an...
Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House Español: Barack Obama firmando la Ley de Protección al Paciente y Cuidado de Salud Asequible en la Casa Blanca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

C.S.I. 101

After all the television we watch, we seem to know more about crime scene investigation and attention to forensics and detail than do the policemen  in Sanford, Florida.  It seems like shortly after arriving on the scene, they looked at skin color and decided that the darker skinned dead actor was the perpetrator and should be investigated.  The lighter skinned living party, the one with the gun, needed no police scrutiny and accepted his claim that he was the victim having acted in self-defense. It took almost a month before the police report of the event began leaking to the press.  This makes every word suspect!  Just when were these accounts written?  And, who wrote them?  Who signed off on them without questioning omissions in proper investigation in a potential murder?  All the protest marches and TV interviews and Sunday sermons are not in vain.  Hopefully they will root out the nest  of good “ole” boys in the Sanford, Florida area.  Passionate protests will shine a light on that town and result in greater freedoms for black citizens and less of our sons going to an early death.  God, please grant peace and a better life to those who Trayvon Martin left behind.  God bless his soul!

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford
Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

The Supreme Court – Day 1

POLITICO Breaking News
In the first day of hearings at the Supreme Court over President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, justices seemed skeptical Monday about arguments that they have no authority to decide the key issues now. Eight of the nine justices put challenging questions to Robert Long, the lawyer who argued for postponing a decision on the case.

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Deficit survey: Raise taxes, cut spending

Tax (Photo credit: 401K)

Deficit survey: Raise taxes, cut spending
Sun, March 25, 2012 07:00:00 PM CDT


Team Mitt exults in Santorum ‘BS’ jab By ALEXANDER BURNS


Mitt Romney’s advisers are usually pretty reserved on Twitter, but not so much last night and this morning, after Rick Santorum used obscenity to respond to a New York Times reporter’s question.

A number of Romney team members, including senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom, spokesman Ryan Williams and New Hampshire adviser Jim Merrill, have enthusiastically piled on, ridiculing the Pennsylvanian for “lashing out.” Consider:

@RyanGOP Epic temper tantrum at @RickSantorum’s event in Franksville, WI. Desperate, angry, flailing candidate going off the rails #unglued #unhinged

@RyanGOP Santorum losing composure, lashing out w/ desperate attacks. Sign of a panicked candidate who realizes that the walls are closing in on him

@EricFehrn When you’d rather have Obama than a Republican #tantorum

@EricFehrn When reporters fail to understand you always speak in the royal “we” #tantorum

@EricFehrn When Romney points out you endorsed him as a “conservative” in 2008 #tantorum

@EricFehrn When virtually no one you served with in Congress is willing to endorse you #tantorum

@JimMerrillNH Question: If Santorum can’t keep his composure and can’t stay on message now, how does he expect to compete against Obama? Answer: He can’t

‏ @JimMerrillNH Folksy 2012 Santo has labored mightily to keep Unlikeable 2006 Santo under wraps. No more. The man PA gave an historic boot to is back.

We’ll see what the Romney campaign has to say about Santorum today. There’s clearly a desire, though, to marginalize Santorum — and his continued primary fight against Romney — as driven by anger and not entirely rational. [FULL QUOTE]

Despondent Rick Santorum Tosses Brass Ring to Obama! Yes, he did!

Despondent Rick Santorum Tosses Brass Ring to Obama! Yes, he did!