I Say, No Food Aid for North Korea!

The New York Times reports that President Obama traveled to South Korea for a nuclear summit at a time when North Korea is planning to launch a satellite mid-April to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birthday of Kim Il-sung, grandfather of the current dictator of the country, Kim Jong-un . The west is also concerned that the proximity of the summit and the launch, might inspire North Korea to try to re-unite the country.  These actions outweigh humanitarian concerns for the hungry North Koreans who are not being helped by their military-led country.  I have been concerned that if we were to give them food aid, we could not guarantee that the food would go to the destitute and not to those at the top of the ladder in North Korea. Since North Korea continues its roguish attitude  toward the world powers and because of its role in the proliferation of nuclear capability, IMHO, we should not give food aid to North Korea…at this time.