President Obama Calls Republican Budget a “Trojan Horse”

Did you catch the news Tuesday?  There were tornadoes in Texas, but a firestorm in Washington, D.C, when President Obama attacked the GOP budget which proposes to take $3.3 Trillion dollars in federal benefits and programs that benefit the poor and the middle class and they would transfer that revenue to the Top 1% of Americans who oppose and oppress us giving them a tax cut of $150,000. [MSNBC Policy Analyst, Ezra Klein estimates $265,000.] The President called this 2nd “Paul Ryan Budget” “radical” and an attempt at “thinly veiled social Darwinism.”  Oh, I see now what has gone on right under our noses:  The rich have devised a ‘master plan’ to concentrate our country’s wealth and bounty into the hands of the very rich by boldly taking

Paul Ryan - Caricature
Paul Ryan - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

money from those who they must consider inferior to them and thereby grow their power and riches. Do they think that their Romney-like success makes them akin to a ‘master race’ deserving all of the fruits of commerce?  For 30 years their incomes have outpaced ours by 300%!  They have laid waste to the middle-class (that Barack Obama seeks to restore) and would soon turn on the then defenseless poor. Remember those death panels spoken of in hushed voices? Might they become a reality to dispatch the remnants of our dwindling class? And, what would become of the poor… left with no aspiration or hope for attaining the American Dream? Extermination camps?


Of course this is a little over the top. But, what do Republicans talk about in their “quiet rooms” and their secret  meetings like the ones in California and Texas convened by the likes of the infamous Koch Brothers of industrial acclaim and who are dispized by the little people whose rights they trample on. Just how much of the GOP Primary Campaign has been scripted by a small group of GOP donors: Republican billionaires! [Note: A small group of men ran Germany before her defeat in WWII.]

Yesterday Mitt Romney was introduced by his new friend, Paul Ryan whose speech was labeled "poor" in enthusiasm and execution. Unworthy of a VP nomination.

President Obama mentioned Mitt Romney, House Budget Chairman, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum by name for the first time yesterday.  His verbal salvo heralded his eagerness to mount a powerful, in-your-face campaign for re-election. Barack Obama spoke to an audience of the Associated Press and showed that he is steeled for a fight.  If wise Americans would see the Republicans for the deceivers they are [Witness their budget math and motives.], we all will unite in a non-partisan juggernaut that will eclipse the Republican Party and its big money donors and win a 2nd term for the Warrior for the Middle-Class, President Barack Obama!



5 thoughts on “President Obama Calls Republican Budget a “Trojan Horse”

  1. Paul Ryan and the GOP is obsessed with cutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Every time the man is seen on TV, he is talking about cutting those programs.

    1. And,the poor man thinks what he is doing in the right thing for the country. Someone please tell him that ‘the forest is just behind those trees!” 🙂

  2. I loved Obama’s speech yesterday….hope to see more of this kind of rhetoric from him. All he needs to do is be as logical, reasoned and down to earth in his arguments as he was yesterday, point out the craziness of the current Republican party, and he will let the Republicans hang themselves.

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