George Zimmerman Arrested and Charged with 2nd Degree Murder

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey just announced that she is charging George Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder. Zimmerman has admitted to killing the teen victim, Trayvon Martin 44 days ago in Sanford, Florida. Martin was on his way home when George Zimmerman decided that the black teen was “acting suspiciously.” Trayvon had in his hands Skittles™ and iced tea.  George Zimmerman had a gun.  George called the police and was told not to pursue Trayvon. He did not listen and soon afterwards he shot Trayvon.  Prosecutor Corey was impressive in her concern for “justice for Trayvon.”  She has a large legal team behind her which has accumulated and analyzed the evidence and will work toward bringing the case to trial.  After this press conference, Al Sharpton had a press conference in Washington, DC along with Trayvon’s parents. Rev. Sharpton told the public “no gloating. No high-fives. This is not a night for celebration.”  Benjamin Crump, the Martin family attorney, thanked all the Americans for their support, signing petitions, etc.  He singled out the young people who inspired by the concept of justice [sic].  Mr. Crump said that from day one he believed that the evidence required that George Zimmerman should be arrested. “That is all the Martin family wanted… This is only first base.”  He ended by saying that Trayvon’s legacy requires that there be no acts of violence and that, like Trayvon’s parents, we all let the system play out. Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother, and his father, Tracy Martin thanked everyone and expressed gratitude that their minimum wish had been accomplished.  Attorney Crump’s partner, Attorney Parks spoke, also. He thanked Angela Corey and her team and the countless people who have been involved in seeking justice for Trayvon Martin.  Credit for bringing this case to national attention was given to Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network which is holding a convention in Washington.  A call was made for this case to be the start of a movement.  The call was made for an additional one million new voters in November. Young voters will be the key to change in laws like “Stand Your Ground.”

Al Sharpton by David Shankbone
Al Sharpton by David Shankbone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you email your US senator and US Rep. about the “Buffett Rule” as the President Asked?

White House White Board: The Buffett Rule

Murders Can Have Supporters and a Website?

THANK YOU, President Obama for the cheapest energy in the world!

Speculators knock OPEC off oil-price perch
Speculators knock OPEC off oil-price perch (Photo credit: Barrybar)


US PRICE FOR OIL             $105/BARREL

US PRICE OF GAS                $4/GAL.



George W. Bush Surfaces to Advocate for His Rich Buddies

George W. Bush has stayed out of the limelight…until now.  He spoke about raising taxes on the rich.  He is against it because those taxed would be “the job creators.”  Mr. Bush, it was the job creators who closed our manufacturing plants and sent our jobs overseas. It has been the job creators who went along with the Republican War on Barack Obama and refused to support his legislation to create jobs.  Somehow, with all the power of the various elements of the Republican Party, President Obama has been able to create 4 million jobs!

Mr. Bush, thanks for the decision to not disparage our current president. But, what about your responsibility in creating the fiscal crisis we must defeat by years’ end? Your two wars have been very expensive.  President Obama ended one of them but the other rages with our troops giving their lives for Afghanistan.  Have you no shame or guilt?

Republicans War on Women at the State Level we...
Republicans War on Women at the State Level welcomes Arizona - how to oppose HB2625... (Photo credit: EN2008)

Mitt Romney says he’ll “get rid of Planned Parenthood”

Another Florida “Stand Your Ground” Killing

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – The family of Brandon Baker, shot and killed in early March in Palm Harbor, is pushing for the shooter to be arrested.

Baker and his twin brother, Chris, were coming home from a party that night, driving in separate cars.

A 23-year-old security guard named Seth Browning started following Baker. He later claimed Baker had been driving suspiciously.

All three cars stopped on Seagull Drive in Palm Harbor. That is where the story is disputed.

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