George W. Bush Surfaces to Advocate for His Rich Buddies 1

George W. Bush has stayed out of the limelight…until now.  He spoke about raising taxes on the rich.  He is against it because those taxed would be “the job creators.”  Mr. Bush, it was the job creators who closed our manufacturing plants and sent our jobs overseas. It has been the job creators who went along with the Republican War on Barack Obama and refused to support his legislation to create jobs.  Somehow, with all the power of the various elements of the Republican Party, President Obama has been able to create 4 million jobs!

Mr. Bush, thanks for the decision to not disparage our current president. But, what about your responsibility in creating the fiscal crisis we must defeat by years’ end? Your two wars have been very expensive.  President Obama ended one of them but the other rages with our troops giving their lives for Afghanistan.  Have you no shame or guilt?

Republicans War on Women at the State Level we...

Republicans War on Women at the State Level welcomes Arizona - how to oppose HB2625... (Photo credit: EN2008)

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