Rep. Allen West: 78-81 House Democrats Are Communists 2

Here are Mitt Romney, titular head of the Republican Party and Allen West of Florida whose outlandish comments are well-known. 24 hours have passed since West said that almost 80 Democrats in the House are communists.  Mitt Romney has yet to denounce this sitting member of Congress who made this bold assertion without attribution, except giving a hearsay comment. Perhaps West has provided Romney with his evidence and Mitt now supports the statement and encourages his party’s members to accept it as truth.  How about it, Mitt?  The sign says, Ask you anything.

That was Allen West in his district meeting making subject slur on Democrats.

That makes two black Republicans who have disgraced their party in recent times.  Please read this CNN article on Allen West and his allegation about his fellow Congressmen.

Infamous Republican communist hunter that Allen West must call "Hero"


  1. yeah so what. There have always communists in the democrat party. FDR had communists working in the whitehouse. FDR also has communists at the state dept.

    Hollywood is full of communists. Sean Penn is a Communist. Whoopie Goldberg said that Communism was GOOD THING on TV a month ago. Obama even admitted that he leans toward Marxism. So what…

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