Secret Service Scandal in Colombia

The United States Secret Service star logo.
The United States Secret Service star logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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President Barack Obama said Sunday that the director of the Secret Service is investigating the prostitution scandal that has ensnared 11 Secret Service personnel and an additional five members of the military.

“I expect that investigation to be thorough and I expect it to be rigorous. If it turns out that that the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, then of course I’ll be angry,” Obama said in his first comments on the scandal, made during a press conference with the Colombian president.

Though the president said he would wait until the investigation was complete before passing judgment, he added, “We’re representing the people of the United States and when we travel to another country, I expect us to observe the highest standards, because we’re not just representing ourselves, we’re here on behalf of our people–and that means we conduct ourselves with the utmost dignity and probity. And obviously what’s been reported doesn’t match up to those standards.”

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  1. Those guys shouldn’t be doing that of course, but it’s crazy how them doing the world known typical activity of visitors to Colombia could be a scandal.
    They focused on free trade and that’s their number one resource, lol

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