America, All of Our Institutions Are Decaying – Commies in 2012?

It is true: Mitt Romney is so “out of touch” that he thinks the our bankrupt states are fiscally responsible.

That is oxymoronic!

The earlier  Allen West video made me think how the America I grew up with and on whom the world has looked to show the example of what is right and to defend democracy in the world.  I reflect on the ugly and divisive politics we saw on TV as we watched the Republican Primary Campaign.  We saw up close the menagerie of GOP candidates who were bold liars, who had no promising solutions to our problems, who stirred up racial hatred to win, who exposed their promise to impose their personal views on us  through the force of law and who boldly say, “I don’t care about the very poor.”  They champion a ” bizarro” Robinhood budget which takes trillions away from the poor and the middle-class and give trillions to the rich whose poster boy is Mitt Romney. Mitt describes the Paul Ryan budget as “marvelous!”

I have seen politics seep into the hallowed halls of the US Supreme Court: Bush v Gore and later, Citizens United.  If we had had no President George W. Bush who wasted the $39 Billion in budget surplus that Bill Clinton left him, who expanded government without paying for it and who started two, not one, major wars running at the same and which were not included in formal budgets.  If the US Supreme Court had not made Bush president, we would not have the miscarriage of justice that is their decision in Citizens United. How the justices must cringe as they see the evil they released by opening that Pandora’s Box: GOP candidates with unlimited and secretly financed campaigns that seek to ‘establish one church and religion’ in America boldly spouting their rhetoric. GOP candidates boldly ignore questions from the people’s media asking why is it right to reward the rich with even greater soils of commerce while 99% of the population slides deeper and deeper into poverty. GOP candidates who boldly say, “I love to fire people.” GOP candidates who wage a War on Women trying to roll back centuries of advances in civil rights which includes other minorities like gays and senior citizens. GOP candidates who would take away a woman’s right to her own body. GOP candidates who boldly sit at a table of supporters and disparage their gifts of food because they were made by small business instead of grandma in her retro kitchen. [Hey, Rick Santorum, this is snobbery,  not valuing a college education in a sluggish economy!] GOP candidates  and wannabees  confuse our politics with static concepts of liberty and religious freedom.  If they were allowed, how many Supreme Court Justices would plead with Congress to pass a law(s) to reverse their earth-shaking decision in Citizens United?

Our government is broken.  Congress is broken. And, only Congress can fix it/them with bi-partisan laws.  But, don’t wait for that to happen. Republicans in the 112th Congress (“Worst in History”) refuse to negotiate with Democrats and Independents.  They want their way in all things.  The GOP thinks that they have a lock on what is right and what is wrong. [Ruling by divine right died centuries ago!] The Rommey’s feel that just running for President for a decade is justification for saying, “It’s our turn.”  Republicans think they have the rights to the moniker, “patriot.”  Republicans think that blackmail is an acceptable weapon to use in their war to win the Whitehouse.  Democrats, wake up and fight!  Republicans have given us so much material to use against them!  So much is riding on President Obama’s victory.  This may not be “the most important election since 1860,” but we are at a serious crossroads in our history.  Will there be equal justice for all classes or will the rich continue to screw the working class which sweats, toils and dies for The United States of America?

it's Time to Vote Democratic!

November 6, 2012