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 I’m not sure what one does with information of this sort but I thought it
important you know. An excerpt from Alex Pareene’s new ebook, The Rude Guide To
Mitt. Every good Romney profile has a “Romney says something bizarre”
moment. In Sridhar Pappu’s 2005 profile for the Atlantic, Romney produced a
commemorative plate featuring the […]

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Will Obama Legalize Marijuana If He Wins Reelection?



Thinking Out Loud

Among other reading, over the weekend I read the rather lengthy — 25 pages — introduction to a forthcoming title by author and Group Magazine editor Rick Lawrence.  Because the book, Shrewd: Daring to Live the Startling Command of Jesus isn’t releasing until August, I’ll return to it closer to the publication date, partly in deference to my brothers and sisters who have brick and mortar bookstores and therefore lack the luxury of locking customers in ahead of time. (Rather shrewd of me, don’t ya think?)

Shrewd is all about the Parable of the Shrewd Manager recorded in Luke 16: 1-9 — a parable not commonly taught in many churches — and about living in the tension between being wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove, a reference to Matthew 10:16.

I know of a few Evangelical fundraisers who don’t particularly need to hear this message —…

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Romney’s too risky!

Mashed Potato Bulletin

Mitt Romney’s contemptuous attitude toward the importance of public disclosure is increasingly troubling. Whether it involves the details of his personal finances or the identity of his big fundraisers, the presumptive Republican is setting a new, low bar for transparency — one that does not augur well for how the Romney White House would conduct itself if he were elected.

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Sanford Fl Commissioners Reject Resignation of Police Chief 3-2 (2 blacks on commission)

Sanford, Fla., will keep their police chief.

In a meeting Monday, city commissioners voted 3-2 to reject the resignation of Police Chief Bill Lee, who had come under fire over his handling of the Travon Martin case. Most of the commissioners said the uproar surrounding Martin’s death was because of outsiders, and said the chief shouldn’t have to take the fall for it.

Those in the minority had argued his resignation would be the only way the city could move forward.

Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2012/04/23/trayvon-martin-case-city-commissioners-reject-resignation-police-chief/#ixzz1sxKaaFjL

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