Speaker Boehner Schedules a Vote of College Loan Rates 2

News from The Hill:

House to vote on student loans 
By Molly K. Hooper

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said the House will vote Friday to prevent a jump in student loan rates, offsetting the cost with money from a “slush fund” in the president’s healthcare law.

Boehner announced the vote during a hastily called press conference late Wednesday after the president personally attacked Boehner for opposing the loan during a speech at the University of Iowa.

The Speaker ripped the president for campaigning on the issue, saying he was trying to create a fight out of thin air.

“This week the president is campaigning and trying to invent a fight where there is none and never has been on this issue of student loans,” Boehner said. “We can, and will fix the problem, without a bunch of campaign style theatrics.”

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  1. Oh yeah another “invented” fight. Uh huh… Does he mean fights like the White House’s war on christmas trees? It seems the gop are the ones who claim there’s wars on pretty much everything BUT when it hits them, it’s all made up.

  2. Who is he trying to fool. He and his Republican friends just pass the Ryan budget in House which requires doubling of interest rate on student loan. They are a set of jokers.

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