“Support Exists for Citizens United Repeal, but Not Where It Matters” 1


by Andrew Joseph

Stephen Colbert’s crowd-pleasing ridicule of presidential campaign finance rules has posed a tantalizing question for progressive activists: Is this the “movement moment” for reform?

On Capitol Hill, the answer is no. Bipartisan trust is an indispensible ingredient in any overhaul of the political system, and that’s in exceedingly rare supply. The public may giggle at Colbert’s antics. Multimillion-dollar barrages of ads launched by super PACs may be wounding the leading GOP presidential candidates. But Republicans are content with the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and other recent rulings that lifted restraints on campaign contributions by corporations and individual donors. …

One of Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital buddies was caught in a clumsy scheme to disguise a million-dollar contribution to a pro-Romney super PAC. Billionaire Sheldon Adelson, whose casino empire is the target of a federal criminal probe, signs seven-figure checks for the super PAC backing Newt Gingrich. Each side uses the money to try to destroy the other. But [House Majority Leader Eric] Cantor says there’s no hunger in his caucus for change. And the Senate GOP leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, is proud of his record as the most resolute foe of past campaign finance restraints.



While they benefit from the status quo, Republicans will never participate in the reforms needed to ensure a better future for governance of the United States of America.  If this country is to survive as our Forefathers envisioned, WE DEMOCRATS , OUR POLITICAL PARTY AND OUR WEALTH OF SMALL DOLLARS MUST HIRE THE BEST LEGAL MINDS AND MOUNT A BLITZKRIEG CAMPAIGN OF LAWSUITS THAT ONCE WON, FORCE THE GOVERNMENTAL REFORMS THAT REPUBLICAN COURTS, LEGISLATURES AND POLITICIANS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION RESIST CHANGING!  Yes, we must continue to donate to the re-election of Barack Obama, “Warrior for the Middle-Class,” but we have seen that no matter the President’s good intentions and valiant efforts, Washington, DC is to ingrained with evil to change on its own.  Legal force is needed. Legal challenges must be made to the status quo.  These lawsuits must brilliant in how they use current law to innovate new and creative interpretations by courts and judges that have not been bought by the Republican establishment. Which Democrat or Independent will step up and lead this offensive? Is this a job for former President Clinton?  Is this a way for Hillary Clinton to ensure winning the presidency in 2016? (She’s a celebrated lawyer, you know.)  The prime directive for any social institution is to sustain itself.  We need a democratic fighter who will lead us in kicking Washington on it’s collective ass and keep it from arising without the changes we know have been needed for decades.  There are more candidates for the job who only need our encouragement to take up the mission. Perhaps the myriad of democratic groups need to be under a single umbrella to concentrate our power:  The enemy is powerful and ruthless. We need a fighting cock to match their fighting cock.  We need a David to their Goliath.

I hope that these few words inspire others who will inspire others ad infinitum to conserve and preserve our democratic nation. God bless us who live in this essential country!


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