Romney vs. reality: Student loans edition

In the surest sign yet that the GOP primary is really over, we saw Mitt Romney try to appear reasonable on something this week. He said he agreed with the President that we shouldn’t allow the interest rate for many federal student loans to double this year. The problem with that? It’s not actually true. Romney is a supporter of Rep. Paul Ryan’s “marvelous” budget, which would lock in higher student loan interest rates and cut Pell grants. Pass along our other Romney vs. reality video from this week to others and let them see if they can figure out where Mitt Romney stands on this issue:




3 thoughts on “Romney vs. reality: Student loans edition

  1. Obama is trying to bribe voters (in this case college students) in order to get their vote. US govt is 20 trillion in debt. u can’t give away $ u don’t have to every1 who could help ur political ambitions and expect thing to turn around. It’s a slippery slope.

  2. Why is the government in the position to regulate student loans? Why are we not letting the free markets set interest rates instead of politicians trying to squeeze a few more votes through entitlement programs.

    All I know is at this point the U.S. will not survive another four years of bailouts, crony capitalism, and a foreign policy of appeasement. Mitt Romney is not my favorite candidate by a long shot, but at this point I will vote for an orange juice carton over Obama.

  3. Romney will be the same as Obama if he somehow gets elected. It’ll be interesting to see how this movie ends.

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