ALEC = Obvious and Organized Corruption [American Politics Is So Dirty!]

We must excise the cancer of lobbying!

John McCain Says “Heroes don’t brag.” Watch Video of McCain Bragging (2008)

John McCain Goes On Meet The Press &

Looks Silly

HUFFINGTON POST: Electoral Count 5/1/12

Mitt Romney Would Not Avenge the 3,000 Deaths on 9/11

Obama’s new ad – Romney wouldn’t have ordered bin Laden raid

The Edshow: The Romney/Ryan “Territorial Tax” Takes from the Poor and Gives to the Rich!

While Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan accuse us of being “envious of their success,” their “Territorial Tax” proposal takes from the poor and the middle-class and gives to the rich.  Watch this video:




STEPHEN COLBERT: Chen Guangcheng’s Badass Escape

Stephen, start decorating “Eric’s” room!

Jon Stewart: Can’t Get a College Loan? Sell Your Parents’ Artwork!



DAVID LETTERMAN: “How Mitt Romney Begins Conversations with Teens”


Thinking Out Loud

He was due to graduate in mere weeks.  He was nowhere near the number of demerit points necessary for expulsion. 

But suddenly that all changed for Christopher Peterman.

Darrell at SFL fills in the details:

…It begins when a man named Ernie Willis raped a young girl named Tina Anderson. The pastor of Tina’s church at the time was Chuck Phelps, a man who by his own testimony not only failed to vigorously pursue justice for Tina but also required her to give a confession of her alleged sin before the church and then aided in removing her from the state and apparently out of the reach of local authorities. Yet with the fact of his actions revealed both on national television and in a court of law, Chuck Phelps remained a person in good standing with several fundamentalist organizations such as The Wilds and Bob Jones University. Bob…

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The campaign…from the right AND the left!

Mashed Potato Bulletin

As the general election is set and the two presidential candidates square themselves into their positions the vote public wants to hear what each has done, what each has accomplished. Here are their views of what they’ve achieved and what they will bring to the presidency.

In the spirit of fairness and since President Obama has provided longer production videos, three of Mitt Romney’s videos are shown here, 2 touting his achievements and 1 political ad against the President to compare with the Obama campaign’s message. After watching take the polls at the end and share your impressions.

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