Williard Mitt Romney Would Be First GOP TOOL PRESIDENT!

I should have expected it but, I learned yesterday that when it comes to tax changes and reform Mitt Romney has signed a pledge virtually selling his soul to Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform which is NOT about reform at all.  They seek to protect the things as they are guaranteeing “no tax increases” including those on the rich.  Yesterday, former RNC Chairman, Michael Steele, MSNBC Political Analyst could not counter what we know about Grover Norquist.  Host, Chris Matthews on “Hardball” made Steele work to defend the actions and motivations of the Republican Party.  If you clicked the previous link and watched Norquist’s speech, you know how little would be required of Mitt Romney as president: Be a “robo-signing machine OKing the laws and policies dreamed up by Machiavellian man behind the curtain, Grover Norquist. Mitt, the unthinking tool, would only be required to have enough fingers on one hand to write his signature!  Were you shocked by Norquist’s 20 year plan for GOP presidents?  In Grover’s mind, HE runs the party and the nation.  His ego eclipses the mammoth one of Newt Gingrich was admitted his defeat yesterday. [How could Newt not know voters want to like their nominees who are, well, nice people?  He must have had an inkling, though.  He started calling himself, “Mr. Cheerful.”  There were no bounds to his incredulity!  Newt, we know that the failures of current congressional politics are the result of seeds you sewed in your 30+ years of wielding GOP power in the Congress.]