How could one vote for a candidate for President who would discriminate against minority Americans in the 21st Century?

My fellow Americans:

I am successful ($$$) and I have a loving spouse. Vote for me and I will discriminate against minorities who are not armed with the BIG MONEY that I have which will allow me to take money from blacks, “the very poor,” poor whites. Look at me with my life partner at our marriage. Don’t we look great? As President I will deny this civil right to homosexuals. I will suppress civil rights of straights who live together in committed relationships forcing them into marriage. I will ignore that statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce. I will continue the GOP War on Women and suppress their rights to their sexual functioning. (I think it is too late to tie them to the kitchen stove.) Vote for me so that I can come out of  my closet and reveal myself as the poster boy for THE TOP 1%, a/k/a my friends, the rich Americans.  With their money behind me I will cut federal benefits for the poor and down-trodden with “reforms” like taking away their food stamps, Medicaid and welfare. I will extend the Bush Tax Cuts for you.  Vote for me and you will hear me say what you want me to say. And, watch me serves my masters, Big Oil, the Koch Brothers and their ilk. I will keep my promise to deny federal funds to Planned Parenthood.  So, do I have your vote yet? [Poetic License]

America was established to be a nation of equal rights. Equal Rights for ALL is the order of the day!

Look at this man and his issues?


Is he gay or straight?  Can’t tell, huh?

God knows and loves him either way!

North Carolina: Our President Is a Great Man Who Might Energize Your State!



Obama Announces Support For Gay Marriage



Same-Sex Marriage: Ain’t It the Truth!

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BREAKING NEWS: Obama is for Same-Sex Marriage

President Barack Obama thinks “same-sex” couples should be able to get married,” he tells ABC News.  [CNN]


TV host, Chris Matthews challenged the many gays who are working for the GOP in Washington, DC, to go into the offices of their Republican bosses on the Hill and tell them that they want theses lawmakers to support same-sex marriage. Chris said that everyone knows about the many gays working for GOP legislators.  Which shoe will drop next?

Obama Anti-Business? Record Corporate Profits Suggest Otherwise


“Ryan Budget May Cut Economic Data”

Daily Scoop Xtra: Ryan Budget May Cut Economic Data

by Mashed Potato Bulletin

Starting in the early 1990s, the U.S. Census Bureau asked Congress for extra funding each year so it could better analyze the services sector, which was quickly replacing industrial activity as the biggest driver of the U.S. economy. In 2003 the bureau requested more funding to survey financial, real estate, and other companies on a quarterly basis, rather than wait to take their pulse with its Economic Census, which gathers data on business every five years.

Every year, Census asked for the extra funds; every year, Congress denied them the money, leaving the Census Bureau largely blind to the health of a sector that made up more than half the total economy.

Finally, in early 2009, after the real estate-fueled financial crisis, Congress gave Census what it had been asking for—an extra $8.1 million. In the view of many, it was too late. Read more of this post